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A treatise on the world of vampirism; Including The Awakening, Feeding, and Customs. As written by Murderface17 hybrid vampire and Priest of Black Twilight

I get a lot of PMs on this site asking me about vampirism. Generally this is because of suspected feeding by a person or a person wanting to become one. Now before I go further let me explain something: becoming a vampire is a personal choice. None of us will Awaken you without your consent and a psyche test but more on that later. It is in fact against vampiric law to Awaken a soul before it's time or without their consent. Breaking this our first law is punishable by soulbind and death.

First and foremost, forget what Hollywood has taught you about vampires. We do not fly, we do not change form. We don't fade into mist. Some of us arent the most suave and cool people in the world. Vampirism is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because while physical death is still very much a reality, spiritual death is not. Souls that are not Awakened go on to some reward whereas the vampires soul is tethered to the mortal realm. At death our souls break free of this tether for a quick moment but then violently pulled back and into another "shell" or body at the exact moment of the body's birth. This in turn forces the original soul out which simply disappears.

This is the foundation of the vampire's curse. For while death still takes our bodies, our souls and minds stay pretty much the same. Being a vampire is the same as being forced to reincarnate for all eternity. But thats just half of it. A vampire's soul upon death is almost immediately forced into another body at that body's moment of birth. In the process, the original inhabiting soul is destroyed. Our soul takes its place and lives its life forgetting who and what it is until roughly puberty. At that time the soul reawakens to itself. Some souls forget past lives and therefore it frightens the body when it suddenly begins craving blood or psi. Normally the body will aclimate to this in a few weeks.

Everybody has the ability to become a vampire. The problem lies in the soul. Each soul knows when it is ready to awaken and will inform the host when it is. The feeling of readyness is akin to a oneness or peace with the universe feeling. Now thatts part one. Part to deals with the mind. Though the soul may be ready for Awakening the mind is a diffrent story. Most minds are not physically capable of surviving the Awakening before the physical age of 16. The Awkaening changes the body subtley, allowing it to be able to sustain itself on blood or psi.


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Mar 31, 2022
Thanks for the information, this article has helped me understand real world vampirism in a new light.

Apr 01, 2022
There are a few glimmers of ideas here, but unfortunately there is a lot of understanding missing. A few short points;

-Soul is energy, and as energy it can not be destroyed. Soul is also bonded with body at the beginning of one's life. It can not get removed, replaced, or destroyed.

-Reincarnation is a common idea not limited to vampires/vampirics. From Buddhism to new-age, even Druidism had an idea of the continuing and evolving nature of soul.

-An awakening isn't an activation. It is a coming of awareness. Most literally derived from the act of 'waking up', as from sleep. The qualities and nature of a person are always present, though they can go un-recognized and mis-attributed to other things. But as a person starts to follow a path of introspection and reflection, those habits lead to a person quite literally getting to know themselves. This can sometimes lead to unexpected discoveries, true, but not in the sense of creating or 'activating' something new. Rather of discovering an already present aspect and coming to understand it.

-Tge same goes for 'readyness'. It isn't some cosmic puberty, or secret signal between body and soul (as if they are separate entities). It is a result of a person hitting a time in their life where they start asking themselves questions of identity, choice, and desires. It can happen at fourteen, at forty, or even never for those people who live an entire lifetime with a mundane mindset.

-An awakening does not bring change to the body or brain. Not directly anyways. Your DNA will remain, you won't suddenly and mystically gain mechanisms to process blood. However, an awakening -will- change your perspectives, as you evaluate life from a new frame of reference. Having a label for your experiences, where there used to be none, can bring a sense of equilibrium and understanding. But bear to mind that a label does not change or define anything. It merely gives a name. A box to fit into that you can slowly unpack and come to terms with. It is an identification of what is present. Not a creation of what is not.

Apr 10, 2022
I have mixed feelings on this article. The way they describe vampires is like an otherkin. Basically a non-human soul born in a human body. I believe they go by ''vampyr'' and they are real. As this person said, all of the Hollywood nonsense about vampires are not physically real. I know little about vampyrs, but from my understanding, they are normal people, they may crave blood, typically work in blood Magik, and like most otherkin have a unique energy signature. You cannot become one, since it is a spiritual thing. That is not to say you cannot dress and act like a vampire, you just will not be one on a spiritual level. Vampires are astral beings, so you can also call upon them in your craft. You can also use their symbolism in your craft. As for psi vampires, these are the more common. While many are born psi (psychic) vampires, you can learn to be one. They drain energy, so if you practice energy work, you can drain energy from other people, plants, animals, crystals, whatever.

Apr 24, 2022
Very interesting, so Astral Vampires are spirits in a sense, or am I getting it wrong?

May 02, 2022
Technically no, but it is far easier for people to view astral vampires as spirits. The astral plane is another realm on consciousness that runs parallel to our own. We are in the physical, but we are spiritual beings living a physical experience. When we die, we return to the ethereal/spiritual plane where we reflect on the experience before being reborn. There is also the ancestral plane where you choose to become a guiding spirit for your family. Astral projection is not your spirit leaving your body, it is your astral form leaving your body. It is just easier to think of it like your spirit since the astral form is similar to being a spirit. Vampires are astral beings, and will interact with the physical similarly to how spirits do. So, in that aspect they are the same, but overall they are different. Think of it like a dog and a wolf. Similar family, some might confuse one for the other, but they're different.

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