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A short, fun and easy to do ritual for Imbolc.

Lady Day

 A dark colored robe is appropriate with as much silver jewelry as possible. Place two candles on the altar with a sheaf of grain at the East. You must place 13 candles about the area of the ritual. A cup of wine is place before the Lady’s image on the altar. Before beginning, you should take a cleansing bath. When ready, light up the candles on the altar and say:

"O Goddess of Fire Place your warmth about me I do ask."

Go clockwise about the ritual area, starting at the North, and light all the 13 candles. Then kneel before the altar; take the wand with your right hand and rap thrice, slowly, upon the altar, saying:

"I give love and greetings To the blessed Lady And to Her consort, The Horned One of death and of life."

 Replace the wand and take the wine-cup in your hands. Holding it up before you, give the toast:

"I drink, O Ancient Ones In your honor... And to the coming seasons Of warmth and love."

Drink of the wine, and replace the cup. Pick up a copy of this rite and, walking slowly clockwise about the altar, read the following:

"The Lady is come And we welcome Her. The creatures of the wilds Do know She is near For the world shall soon feel life. The season is harsh; The Horned God rules At this bitter time. And this is fore-ordained. But She does return And life shall soon come To forest, field, and glen."

 Stop before the altar, saying:

"Blessed Be!"

 At this time you may perform meditation, poetry, or whatever is appropriate for this night. To close the ritual, kneel before the altar and spread out your arms, calling:

"I do ask, O Goddess and God of the Ancient ways, That your blessings may be spread wide So that the world may be led back To your ways of peace and joy. Blessed Be!"

Put out the candles around the altar but keep the two on it lighted. As you blow out these last two, say:

The rite is ended.

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