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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Divine Spirits. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

To add an article to this book you must be level Council or above in Divine Spirits.

  • A Dragon Blade Ritual
    The purpose of this ritual is to charge a ritual blade with the elemental forces of nature via the assistance of draconic elemental mages.
  • A Full Moon Ritual For Energy
    Use this ritual to bring specific lunar energies into your life. It should be carried out on the evening of the full moon or as close as you can.
  • Angelic Correspondences
    Archangels and their day of the week.
  • Aphrodites healing Apple ritual
    A long but very powerful healing ritual. It's a huge bonus if your deity of choice is Aphrodite!
  • Aura color and Meaning
  • Awakening Your Magick
    This ritual makes your spells work better and helps you awaken your magickal belief.
  • Banishing ritual
    This Banishing Ritual is very intense and powerful like many of my other Rituals such as the Full and Dark Moon Rituals. This ritual should be done as close to the Dark Moon as possible. This ritual is for someone(s) who has done you harm by gossip, lies, deceit, etc. Because you are calling on the Goddess Hecate and Her powers to aid you, please make sure that you are completely innocent of the situation.
  • Binding ritual
    The purpose of this ritual is to rid yourself of somebody who is mentally or emotionally abusing you.
  • Black And White Candle Ritual
    This is a ritual for a new beginning after sorrow or loss. You can carry out this ritual for yourself or someone you know who is grieving or unhappy after a betrayal.
  • Calculate Magickal Hours
    Giving the best hour of the moon to use for casting or doing rituals.
  • Calling your Angel
    Angels want to surround us, and they greatly desire to give us help. Our joy brings them enormous pleasure.
  • Candle Color and Meaning
    Which candles to use for more effect in spell casting.
  • Candle and Feather Colors
    Meanings behind the colors of candles and feathers.
  • Casting the Circle
  • Chakra Meditation
    Use this type of meditation whenever you need to "recharge" and when beginning astral projection practice and sometimes when beginning psychic readings. More commonly you can use a grounding meditation when performing readings. Both are effective and powerful.
  • Cleansing your Aura
    Our auras can absorb negative energies depending on the personal circumstances that we find ourselves in. We can pick up negative energies from situations and also from the people around us. So cleansing our auras are a must if using magick.
  • Cleansing your Crystals
    There are many methods of cleaning stones and you must use common sense and have some knowledge of the stone and what you are cleaning it of to select the best cleansing method.
  • Clearing and Dedicating Your Space
    The Earth is sacred space, the Air, the Water. There is sacred space all around you. This is for a place of privacy and for performing magick.
  • Closing the Circle
  • Colour Healing Ritual With Candles
    Candles of specific colours can help in the healing process. If you are not certain of the root of a problem, you can use a white or pure beeswax candle, plus, if you wish, one for the perceived area of pain. For your monthly major healing sessions, this ritual can be used after the names have been read, working with pink or white candles to include everyone in the book who is sick or sad. It is especially good for chronic conditions or when healing may take some time. This is a gentler method than creating a cone of colour. Early evening just after dusk is a good time to work.
  • Connect with your Spiritual Guide
    It is spiritually beneficial for you to establish a communication in this life for this will help you accelerate your spiritual unfoldment as well as prepare you for the life to come.
  • Connecting to Divine Energy
    When you raise energy to heal or send out energy for a particular thing, you can do this.
  • Consercration & Deconsecrate an Object
    Consecration is the blessing of objects which are intended for ritual use. It imbues the tool or object with the spirit of the person doing the consecration, and also with the sacredness of the Lord and Lady. All objects which will be placed on the altar should be consecrated.
  • Control your Element
    To help and understand the practice of using your element to its highest ability.
  • Courtesan's Pleasure Love Bath
    A bath potion to help relax your mind and body.
  • Deities
    Wisdom, healing, male principle, environment, triple goddess, power and change.
  • Deities of Marriage
  • Devotion Ritual
    To empower a talisman. Ritual of dedication to make a talisman effective: To be really effective, a talisman, amulet, gri-gri or even a simple medal must be devoted.
  • Dieties of the Moon
    a few moon dieties
  • Drawing Down the Moon
    This is the version for a coven. It is an invocation of the divine into the human form
  • Dressing A Candle
    To remove previous energies.
  • Entering and leaving the Circle
  • Father Gods
    gods who are "father" figures
  • Find your Past Life Regression
    Travel to see yourself in a parallel reality.
  • Full Moon Wiccan Lover
    Rituals are meant to nourish us, even those that are not formal in nature. The best ritual is aesthetically and spiritually simple and attractive. It is flexible and evokes all of our senses. A sexual ritual can be simple, but each act must be undertaken in a sacred manner.
  • Glossary of Druid Terms
    A short glossary of common terms in Druidry.
  • Goddess Meditation
    This meditation can be used for single or as a group working.
  • Grounding
    To ground a connection to the energy of the earth.
  • Grounding and Centering
    how to ground and centre yourself using the mother earth!!
  • Healing Ritual
    A Healing Ritual for whenever it is needed.
  • Healing Ritual With Sunlight And Moonlight
    This is a very magical form of healing and can be carried out either alone or as a group activity. Quartz crystal balls were traditionally used medicinally to concentrate the rays of sunlight upon a diseased or painful area of the body or in the direction of some internal organ.
  • How to talk to your Angel
    It?s not science, but there are some basic principles that will help you. You?ve probably heard from your angels at some time, you just didn?t realize it. It?s that feeling or voice that says ?watch out? or makes you feel like you just have to do something.
  • Imbolic Solitary Ritual
    A solitary ritual for Imbolic
  • Invocation of God or Goddess
    Basic Magick Circle Invocation of God or Goddess.
  • Invocation to Anubis
    A very unique invocation to Anubis. Invocations are not to be taken lightly as you are summoning a god into your body
  • Invocation to Bast
    The egyptian cat goddess is can be fun and loving, but also a very harsh mistress. Invocations are not to be taken lightly as you are summoning a god into your body or into your presence. Becareful when doing ANY invocation
  • Invoking the Winds
    To summon the power of the winds and ask for its help in spell casting is a great way to get some extra punch for your spells.
  • Lady Day aka Imbolc
    A short, fun and easy to do ritual for Imbolc.
  • Lammas ritual
    a simple and enjoyable ritual for celebrating the harvest
  • Lesser Banishing
    banish negativity from your life, home or whatever....very good for beginners
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
    A strong banishing ritual with great visualizations
  • Magical Properties of herbs and plants
    A list of herbs and their magical properties The magical roperties include the wood, leaves, blossoms, twigs, roots and the plant as whole. Though...some spells or magical workings require a certain part of the plant.
  • Making Moon Water
    Water to be used in Spells and Rituals that require water as part of its ingrediants.
  • Midsummer Rite
    gonna need 8 candles roughly and a good long soak in a ritual bath
  • New Moon Ritual
    A beautiful ritual for the new moon
  • Oestara ritual
    an esabbat ritual done around "Easter"
  • Opening the Third Eye
    A guide on opening the Third Eye.
  • Psychic Self Defense
    just a few techniques and such
  • Ritual Bath
    The purpose of a ritual bath is to cleanse Yourself, from the inside and out, of negative energies and prepare your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self for Circle. A ritual bath is a rite in and of itself.
  • Ritual For Drawing Down The Moon
    To draw power into yourself, to channel wisdom from a higher source.
  • Rose Cross Ritual
    This is a protective sphere and aids in astral invisibility.
  • Samhain Ritual
    pretty simple, you'll need candles, and a good long cleansing bath, but otherwise, this ritual is fun to do
  • Self Blessings
    The purpose of the ritual is to bring the individual into closer contact with the Godhead. It can also be used as a minor dedication, when a person who desires dedication has no one who can dedicate him. This self blessing ritual may also be used as a minor exorcism, to banish any negative influences which may have formed around the person. It may be performed by any person upon himself, and at his desire.
  • Short Ritual for Absent Healing
    This can be carried out once a month for those who regularly need your help and support. Use natural candles such as beeswax rather than paraffin-based for this ritual if possible.
  • Simple Self Dedication
    A simple self dedication rite for beginners or for those who would like to rededicate themselves to nature path
  • Solitary Beltane Ritual
    A simple, fun and colorful ritual to enjoy on May 1st
  • Sun Magick for Energy
    To use the power of sunlight in stressful or challenging times of life.
  • Techniques for astral projection
    just as the title says. This is an Article, not a ritual. I did not write this, this is where it came from - http://www.5starpsychicadvice.com/How2AstralProject.html
  • Thanking your Angels
    Thanking your angels is improtant. They help you and look after you, so you might aswell show it.
  • The Lunar Phases
    The lunar phase is important in determining the best time for magic. There are basically two lunar phases: waxing moon (ideal time for positive magic) and waning moon (ideal time for banishing/negative magic, study, and meditation). In between you'll have the dark moon (the time of greatest power for banishing and negative magic) and the full moon (the time of greatest power for positive magic). Most witches and pagans work around these lunar phases.
  • The Sorcerers Bag of Power
    The purpose of this bag is to store magickal enegry like a battery to be used like an explosion when you need it's power desperatly.
  • The Three-Fold Law
  • The Tree Of Life
    Feeling the energy from the earth to bring calm and a relaxed state back into your life.
  • The four aspects of Wicca
    Although there are many different kinds of magick, in practice all spells and more formal magical rituals tend to follow four stages, though informal spells may combine one or more steps.
  • Using Light And Cosmic Power
    To feel the power of Light and Cosmic Power for energy healing etc,..
  • Wash Away Negativity
    Wash away negative feelings.
  • Waterfall for Two Love Bath
    To seduce your Love without casting a spell.
  • Witches LBRP
  • Witches Ladder
  • candle flames
    the meanings of candle flames
  • chakra balancing
    a way to rebalance your chakras
  • chakra charging
    a technique on how to charge the chakras
  • dieties of love and passion
    a few deities for love and passion
  • four hieghtened senses
    1.) clairvoyance 2.) Clairaudience 3.)Clairsentience (1) 4.)Clairsentience(2)
  • how to program a crystal
  • reading chakras
    as the title says
  • self dedication
    a simple yet elequent self dedication ritual from sacred-texts.com
  • simple banishing
    by wikihow.com- this banishing is very easy to do -Do you have a problem with a negative or demonic presence, but can't find an exorcism that fits with your pagan beliefs? Simply adapt this exorcism to fit your faith and with a bit of oomph you'll be free of negative influences.
  • using light color and energy in healing
    info on healing
  • viewing the aura layers
    as the title says
  • wheel of the year
    dates, what they are about
  • witches tools and jewlery
    done by White_rose this is a little bit on the tools and jewlery a witch may use
  • writing spells and rituals
    I found this on the internet and thought it would be good for beginners

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