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Imbolc ideas and spells
By: / Novice
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The following is an excerpt from my work/article/text on Imboloc and St Brigid's folklore

This is also the day associated with all sort of divinations. In Eastern Europe for example, popular are fire divinations, where the flames would be asked question and the bending would be inspected. Today same can be done with simple candle flame , minding some basic “code” answers,

• flame bending left – no
• flame bending right – yes
• flame decreasing or bending down – slowly, maybe , weakly
• flame rising or bednig up – swiftly, likely to, prominently
• flame flickering often – omen of danger, approaching or passing
• flame burning strongly, steadily and bright – good fortune, presence of kind spirits

People like to do bone divinations, in Eastern Europe pelvic bone divination is often employed, where dots, colors and auspicious shapes are inspected. Also , often consulted is chicken’s wishbone. Smaller bone fraction in right hand meant “no” , while the bigger faction meant “yes”. Usually employed to see if some wish is coming true.

Milk is sometimes poured into cauldron with optional addition of butter, and chosen plants dipped. Cauldron is encircled with candles, and praye d over. The plants are then taken out, dried and considered to be extremely powerful in magick and charm making, so used throughout the year. This simple ritual symbolizes another common practice of Imolc and that’s empowerment and consecration of items . Since it’s believed that Brigid or St. Brigid walks among humans on this day, people leave ribbons, fabrics , stockings etc outside, in the eve and in the morning they collect this, now charged power objects that are believed to bestowed luck and blessings. This was often done by Young maidens for the it’s believed that the St.Brigid is particularly y kind to them.

Many candles are lit, usually on windows sills, to greet the lengthening of the day. Any candle could be asked question and then through ceromancy , answer s obtained.
Here is a neat suggestions for the ritual according to Cass Eason :

“Make one very large candle to serve as the main Candlemass candle, and when You light it allow everyone to make a secret wish for the coming spring.
As You make smaller candles to shine in every window , visualize each one being endowed with optimism, for new beginnings, new directions and plans, and name one for each absent family member or friend.
Prepare a feast that includes delicious seed breads and cakes, milk, honey, seeds of all kind, lamb and dairy products, and spend the evening playing party games and charades.
If You have decision to make light two candles of the same size and thickness and endow each with an option. The one to burn down first indicates the right choice” [3]

Colors of the day are white, silver , pale yellow. Corresponding stones and gems include but are not limited on : Rubies, Sun Stone , Bloodstone, Garnet, Onyx, , Amber etc. Incenses include Frankincense, Bay, Ben zoin , Basil , Myrrh , Dragon’s blood and Cinnamon, among other, and herbs Angelica, Basil, Bay, Rosemary , Snowdrop, Daisy, Saffron, Sage and others.

[ 3] Cassandra Eason, Candle Magic

Have a Bright and lucky Imbolc

Blessings ! :)

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Re: Imbolc ideas and spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
For those who don't know what Imbolc is, it is one of the four main fire festivals of the Irish (generalized as Celtic--Scottish, Welsh, and Irish) year celebrated on February 1st (and/or 2nd). Also known as "Candlemas". It's the time between winter sostice and spring solstice. Brigid is associated with fire and was one of the most favored goddesses of the Irish. She is a triple goddess but not maid, mother, and crone (which is a modern idea) but three beautiful women, each a different "side" of her. The Irish held onto Brigid so firmly (as most of us Irish people are very stubborn!) that Christianity adopted her as one of their saints.

Here is a nice article on what Imbolc is.

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Re: Imbolc ideas and spells
By: / Novice
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There was an actual living Saint Brigid , she was merely attributed with some characteristics of Cetic Brigid and so in a way syncretized, in best. St Brigid is not meant to replace Brigid

And thanks for the insight, I constantly read people posting Brigid Tripple goddess in mother, maide n and crone concept, I was begginig to think it has to be true. I guess it's one of the popularized missconceotions >.<
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Re: Imbolc ideas and spells
Post # 4
WhiteRav3n is right, as usual lol. Brigid has nothing to do with the mother, maiden, crone. She is seen as the goddess associated with fire and fertility. One would often work with this goddess for anything related to divination, healing, new growth, poetry, love and knowledge of the occult among a few other things. She is one I work with and give offerings to :)

L.L.B. xxx
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