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This is an Imbolc ritual to be used by groups that are primarily female, but include male members as well. The acts are SYMBOLIC and no actual violence against men should transpire.

Female members of the coven should form a circle around the males.

High Priestess: Imbolc is a celebration of our female energies, and as such, no male energies will be permitted this night. Men wishing to participate this evening shall have their male energies symbolically stripped from them.

Males who wish to leave may, those who stay are surrounded. Their clothes are stripped, leaving the males skyclad.

High Priestess: (indicating the phallus) This is a symbol of your male energy. Tonight, you shall sacrifice it in order to embrace your feminine side. You now submit to your sisters. Hold him down.

The women in the group hold the male down. The High Priestess may encourage him to attempt escape, if she is convinced he cannot do so. If he cannot escape, she says "Your male strength is nothing against the power of combined womanhood. Now prepare to symbolically join your sisters."

An Athame is held over the male's penis, and he is then blindfolded. Duct tape or bandages are used to bind the penis, and then a pair of feminine undergarments are placed upon him. (Tape or bandages do not have to be used if the male is not comfortable with such things)

Once this is done, the High Priestess declares him one of the sisterhood, and 'she' is released. The rest of the coven gathers around, applies make-up and feminine clothes, and gives the male a feminine name to be used for the rest of the night. Also, if the coven wishes, a pickle jar containing a phallic object may be placed on an alter to symbolize the sacrifice of the male energy.

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Imbolc Ritual

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Feb 07, 2022
An Athame over the man’s penis 😂 that sounds scary

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