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Frozen silence is a form of meditation. it is the practice of freezing the body in one position for an amount of time. ( Michael ford)

The purpose of this ritual is to put the self in a still and frrozen state. It is often a way to build energy. This mediation is also used to control the energy that you are building. Once you are able to control your thoughts, and stay still for a period of time, then your mind will be close to magic and sorcery. using this exercise is a good step to use towards your magical practice. The steps you can take to begin this practice is to make sure you find a quiet place to begin.

Make sure to rest upon a soft area. You can do this sitting up or laying down. you need to start by making sure you are freezing every part of the body. this includes your legs, arms, hands, fingers, face, facial expressions, eyes, and mouth. Do not allow yourself to go to seep, or let yourself get lost in a ton of thoughts. your mind should also be silent. All you need to do is focus on the silence around you. make sure you use a journal to write down your experiences. This is basically going to be a dream book. keep record of astral contacts as well.

This will help in your magical journey of astral control, lucid dreaming, and shapeshifting in the astral pane. This may help strengthen psychic abilities. Once you are able to accomplish this technique, you can be ready to begin sorcery, and chaos magic.

Sources: The book of the Witch moon. hecate edition: Written by Michael W. Ford.)

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