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A list of personal correspondence.

I love forms of witchcraft that work with the local area. Purchasing supplies from locally owned businesses and the community of the practitioner.

Using local plants, herbs, and flowers in one's magic.

Natural items from the area around you.

I try to use local goods in my craft as much as I can. I buy used books from nearby thrift stores, giving a second life to items. I also acquire candles, holders, incense and other craft supplies from local thrift shops. I purchase oils, incense, books, Tarot and Oracle decks, and other things from local small metaphysical shops and all the plants used in my practice are ethically foraged from my area. I take care to try and take only ten percent of a plant and none if it does not want to be foraged.

I'd love to learn more of my local folklore. I do know from driving about that many houses in the area keep standing stones on their property. Remnants of practices held long ago that traveled from other areas.

The spirits I know of are those I have met along my local travels. In woodlands, buildings, and near water sources in the area.


Here is a correspondence list of items used commonly in my practice.

Personal correspondences

Orange daylily, prosperity, high energy. Add to a spell for speed or high energy.

Rose, romance, love, offerings to local spirits.

Garnet, personal power. Can represent the self in a working.

Turitella agate, ancestor work, home, family. Can represent a relative in a working.

Rainbow moonstone, intuition, psychism, calming.

Mugwort and Wormwood, in a drink for DreamWork, I burn Wormwood to enhance intuition.

Dahlia, inner strength, great for personality or ego work. Power. Dignity. Used alongside blood magic.

Tar or stones with the presence of tar, to aid in breaking bad habits, namely smoking.

Tar from a specific location, a river in the town I grew up in, strong protection, hexwork.

Red daisy, love and romance. Powerful in love workings. Includes platonic love.

Goldenrod, Prosperity, fortune, luck.

Russian Sage, Dreamwork sachets. The scent is good for sinus and tension relief.

Spider Web, To draw things in and hold them. I.e Negativity, prosperity, Love, friendship. Great for protection and hexwork. In a hex to draw the target into the misfortune and hold them there.

Pine Sap, Binding rituals utilizing petition papers.

Blackberry Stick with Thorn, to entangle an enemy within hexwork.

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Mar 02, 2023
This is very insightful RavenFeet. I've never used physical materials because I always thought I couldn't get them (Parents don't like magick so I'm in the broom closet) but maybe I'll try foraging local materials and finding their meaning or my own meaning for them. Also never though of using spiderwebs before, great idea ^^

Mar 19, 2023
Hello, I been in your position at one point. there are usually household items that you could always use as well. local stores will carry candles, if you want to use candle magic. There are easy ways to implement your practice without it being obvious. you can find incense, and oils at local stores as well.

Mar 06, 2023
RavenFeet is correct. Historically, witchcraft was understanding what local items did what. Today, many witches think they need the latest crystal, or some thousand dollar cauldron to do a spell. Cauldrons were what we would cook food in, so of course ancient Witches would use their cauldron for their potions. Research local plants as well as ethical foraging, and see what you can use in your personal habitat. This can also be applied to household items. I know people get annoyed when someone uses glue in a spell instead of wax, but you are sealing the spell. You can use glue. While I despise glitter, and recommend getting eco-friendly glitter, if you are making a glamour spell for yourself and you love glitter, use it. This is where people get too in their heads with Magik. Yes, certain items have certain Magikal properties, but if your favourite colour is black, and you want to use it instead of a different colour, use it. If a spell calls for cinnamon, but you hate cinnamon, find an item you like with similar energy. Your spell will not fail because you collected pine needles instead of buying a bag for 50$. You will also have a closer connection to the land in your local area, so you might consider tailoring your craft to reflect your world. The Wheel of the Year is built for a Northern European climate. If you live in Australia, you would not celebrate the return of spring on the first day of autumn. Yes, it is nice to have fancy tools, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a trendy crystal, but try and narrow your craft down to a local lens and see how it feels.

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