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Information on mirrors in magic, myth, and folklore.

Mirrors: Folklore & Superstition

Mirrors were referred to as "soul catchers" in ages past, as they were thought to capture the souls of the deceased. For this reason, they were covered with a black cloth in the rooms of dying individuals to prevent their souls from being trapped within the mirror.

Hanging mirrors on a wall, facing the doorway, is thought to keep evil entities and energies from entering your home. Painting protective symbols and sigils on the backs of your mirrors prevents evil and malicious forces from using the mirror against you, and prevents them from using the mirror to enter your home.

Mirrors being associated with seven years of bad luck was first mentioned in 1777, and appeared during the 19th century. This was because mirrors were so expensive at that time, it would take you that long to save up the money to get a new one.

Mirrors & Magic:

Mirrors are items that blur the boundaries between the spiritual and physical realms. For this reason, they are often used for scrying and spirit communication. You can stare at your reflection until images slowly appear, or you can look at the reflection of candle flames in the mirror until images and symbols appear to you; in the reflection of the candle's flame.

If you want to create a magical mirror you can cleanse and bless it by sprinkling it with spring water and passing it through the smoke of myrrh incense. Then, place it under the light of the full moon to charge. You can also place an amethyst crystal at the mirror's center to increase its potency as a divination tool. When not in use, keep it covered with a cloth.

If you want to create a black scrying mirror, you can use the same method mentioned above to charge it. However, for this mirror you will need to paint it with 3 coats of black, metallic paint. Let the paint dry before applying the next coat. This mirror should also be covered when not in use.

If you plan on using the mirror to work with spirits or a specific deity, you can perform a dedication ritual for your deity or spiritual guides/companions. In this type of mirror usage, candles and incense are lit and you look into the mirror's reflection, while in the presence of your deity or spirit. The images that appear in the flames and smoke can be interpreted as messages from the divine or spiritual world.

Mirror Spells:

Mirror spells are easy to cast, and rather simple in design. Gather together your mirror two candles, and some incense. In a dark room, sit in front of your mirror. Place your candles on either side of the mirror and your incense in front of it.

As you look into the mirror, visualize what you want and try to see it (as clearly as you can) reflected in the mirror around you. For example, if you're looking for a new job, visualize yourself getting that job and visualize it in the mirror's reflection. If you like, you can also say words associated with your goal. Continue to do this until the candle and incense burn out. If you want to add more power to this spell, you can do it over several days, leading up to a full moon, then allow the candles to completely burn out on the night of the full moon.

Mirrors can also be used to reflect curses and negative energy back to their sender. To do this, cleanse and purify your space before you begin. Then, sit in front of your mirror and visualize the energy or spell as a black mist around you. Focus on it being drawn into the mirror and being redirected back to its source. Afterwards, perform a protection and barrier spell to prevent the energy from trying to come back.

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