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This is a list of the next 3 archangels in Christianity and Judaism.

5. Archangels Raguel: The Friend/Vengeance of God. Raguel is the archangel of justice and fairness and has also been known to be the angel of Vengeance. As the archangel of Harmony, he is well known for his ability to heal relationships. He is also an agent of God who enacts Vengeance against those who transgress God?s will and is an avenger of underdogs and those who have been wronged or oppressed. Raguel?s role is similar to that of a deity of revenge, as well as a deity of relationships, Harmony, and justice.

6. Archangel Sariel/Suriel/Zerachiel: God?s Command/Prince of God/Ministry of God. Sariel has many functions but is primarily known as the angel of God?s judgement. Sariel is the presiding angel of the Sun and is said to have dominion over the Earth, thus having power over nature and the elements. He is also the Prince of ministering Angels meaning that he is in charge of the guardian Angels on earth. He is also known as angel of secret knowledge and forbidden knowledge: Sariel taught humanity the cycles of the moon along with the lunar calendar. He also taught the Rabbi Ishmael Hygiene and was believed to be the angel that gave Moses a grimoire full of mystical knowledge about the spirits of Heaven and Earth. Sariel is an angel of memories as well as an angel of dreams and can help people work with their dreams. He is one of several angels of death and carries out God?s judgement. He is also said to be an angel of the moon where he watched the bloodshed on Earth the events in the Book of Enoch. He is known for healing addictions as well as pets. Gnostics invoke Sariel for his protective powers against evil spirits. In his final role, he is the archangel of children and protects them from sinful and abusive parents.

7. Archangel Jeremiel: The Mercy of God. Jeremiel is the archangel of hope and faith and is responsible for helping people review their lives before and after death so that they can learn from their past experiences in order to live a better life. In this sense he is similar to a psychologist or counselor. He is also the angel of True Vision and is known for helping people develop psychic abilities such as Clairvoyance and helps them interpret spiritual visions. Jeremiel is also responsible for delivering prophetic dreams to spiritual individuals.


Raguel: Harmony, justice, vengeance, healing relationships, spiritual Warfare, karma.

Sariel: judgement, the sun, nature, Divine Magic, secret knowledge, forbidden knowledge, death, healing addictions, healing pets, the moon, protection, spiritual Warfare, ministering Angels, dreams, memories, children.

Jeremiel: Hope, faith, guidance, psychology, exalted thoughts, Clairvoyance, true vision, spiritual visions, insight, prophetic dreams.

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