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Sophia is the Holy Spirit and the Goddess of Wisdom who is recognized in both Trinitarian Wicca and Christian Gnosticism as the Co-creator of the material Universe. This Prayer is a devotion to the Goddess, in order to receive wisdom and guidance.

Wise and Faithful guide, you lovingly abide in my depths and graciously guide my every step. You lead me to ever stronger growth and draw me more fully toward inner freedom. I thank you today for the awesome ways in which you constantly enter my life as I pledge myself to you again.

This day I renew my life?s purpose of being faithful to our relationship. I give you my openness trusting that you will lead me on paths that are meant to help me grow. I re-commit my intention to listen to you in all my life.

I promise you my daily discipleship so that I may be an instrument of your love. Most of all, I give you the loyalty of my heart. May I do all in the circle of your wisdom and learn from your dance of compassion in every corner of this Universe.

Source of Inner Luminosity, thank you for being a loving radiance. May the lantern of your perpetual goodness always shine in and through me.

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