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Ideas to conceal your magick, rituals and supplies if you aren't able to keep them out.

All of us Witches would love to openly practice our path without fear of persecution or retribution from those we know and love. Unfortunately that's not always the case. Whether it be parents for our younger Witches or boyfriends and girlfriends or maybe just friends in general. Also for those who may have certain rituals they practice at all times may find that difficult at their place if employment. Sometimes, Witches either aren't comfortable with sharing they're are a Witch or prefer to remain in the Broom Closet.

A witch in the Broom Closet refers to a Witch who hasn't told or only told other Witches they he/she is a Witch. While there's nothing wrong with being in the broom closet, sometimes its hard emotionally. Trying to hide something as important as your craft or worship of deities is not easy. So let's address ways to conceal your practice.

So if your like most Witches, you have an alter and all the accompaniments that go with it. If that's the case, how do we take all of that and make it so others don't see it. Have you ever considered having a bag for these items rather than having a static display? Could you keep them in a closet or in a vehicle? Could they go to a trusted friend or fellow Witches house. Those are a few possible ideas.

What about candles? Incense? Crystals? Oils? Sometimes these items are required and sometimes not. If your trying to stay in the broom closet, it may be smart to limit the number of items you have. Everything has it purpose, but you could narrow down what you need on a regular basis vs. what you want.

Last and most importantly, your Grimoire or Book of Shadows. This is the heart and soul of every Witch. Your spells, notes, thoughts are all contained there and must be with you at all times. So how do we make that happen? I've seen notebooks, three ring binders, 5x7 note cards and many other physical copies. But these are all discoverable to others. So, we come to the solution. You put your Grimoire or Book of Shadows online! You can save your entire contents somewhere on the cloud or somewhere you can reference. The best part is you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. Or you can simply save it to your phone and have it without the internet connection.

I hope these simple ideas give you encouragement in the fact you can still be a Witch even if your stuck in the broom closet.
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Jan 21, 2024
This is helpful. I'm new to this site. The author is great. How do you get in touch with people here?

Jan 21, 2024
It looks like this particular author is no longer active. Usually the author's name is a click-able link that would take you to their profile. From there, you have the option to send them mail- which is this sites version of a PM.

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