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Basic information on how to anoint or dress a candle.

Anointing or 'dressing' your spell candles usually involves using an oil blend of your choosing (i.e olive oil, grapeseed, sunflower, etc.) and rubbing the oil on the candle in a specific way to set your intentions for your spell. Remember to use only just enough to wet your fingertips and then the candle. 

Different way to rub the oil on the candle: 

- From bottom to top - to remove or banish. 

- From top to bottom - to attract/invite.

-Middle up, middle down - usually for all general workings with no specific intention in mind. 

After dressing the candle with your preferred oils, you would then roll or rub your herbs on the candle. 

Remember that you can also reverse the meanings of the directions to rub the oil, its your craft, afterall. Do what resonates and works for you! 

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