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An article on some techniques to help practice Psychic sensing.

Spaces, buildings, and areas:

I like to try this exercise when driving about, in the passenger seat.

While in a vehicle as a passenger, as you are driving past buildings, land, and natural spaces, attempt to sense these areas. Actively pay attention to how you feel about certain houses, spaces, feilds, businesses. What do you feel? How does your body react to certain areas? Examples of bodily reactions are tingling, chills and shivers, temperature changes.

What are your feelings of these places? Do you get a sense of those living in houses? Imagery of the place, but which appears different to the scene as it is? Do you drive by a place and feel or think that a garden should be there? This exercise helps you to pay attention to what you think, feel, and sense.

This can also be used with plants or other natural things.

This exercise can help to further your sensing abilities in regards to areas, but may also help open you to the possibility of sensing spirits and entities in areas.


This exercise should be practiced with another, be it a friend, distant but trusted relative, etc.

The idea is to attempt to get an energetic read on another via imagery if you are naturally prone to imagination and visualization. Focus on your friend and close your eyes. Let your mind go blank, breathe in and out slowly and begin to relax. Focus on the intent of learning something about your friend via imagery. Let any imagery come to you naturally and pay attention to how you feel. Does any of the imagery stand out? What are some of the feelings and thoughts you get along with the imagery? Relate the images, your thoughts and feelings to your friend. Of course let your friend have a turn if they'd like, and keep practicing. Do not worry if you are not exactly accurate right away. Progress will come in time.

Alongside Tarot:

When reading a spread, take into account not only general card meanings, but your thoughts and feelings about what the cards are telling you. Try to keep a divination journal for any thoughts, feelings, phrases, or sensations that may come up for you during divination. Write everything down.

Many a time I have looked back at a Tarot session in a journal to find, the card described exactly the outcome of the situation read about.

This is no means an extensive article on developing ability and there are numerous ways of practices  and exercises out there to help. I do hope this article helps those looking to keep developing their gifts.

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