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A small article on types of jars used in my personal practice.



I thought l'd share a small article I've written on the types of jar
spells I use in my personal practice. This is simply a thread written
to share a little more insight on ways of practice within a personal

Shaker Jars:

A shaker jar is a small jar meant to be shaken to release the intent
and energy of a spell.
They tend to be simple, but can be incredibly powerful, depending
on the energy put into them; and the belief of the practitioner. They
can be made for different intentions, and can be easily transported.
They can be used within the home, and can be utilized as well out
of doors.

Prayer Jars:

l use jars smaller than my shaker jars for these. The shaker jars I
use are 2 inches in width and 4 inches in height.
The prayer jars used are 1 inch in width and 2 inches in height.

Prayer jars are small jars that are meant to be held when in
meditation, or in prayer. They can be used for the self as well as for
others. They too are used for different intentions, and can be easily
transported in a pocket or bag. Often they are used to bring good
things to others, and it is for this reason they are wonderful to use
for members of a family; or close family friends.

Items that can be used in shaker or prayer jars:

Small stone chips or beads.
Small bits of feathers, fur, and bone (ethically obtained).
Small mirrors.
Glitter (optional).
Small sigils.

Example of a Shaker Jar

Return to sender shaker jar

Items- Small black obsidian stone chips or beads. Small bit of
stinging nettle. Small mirror piece. Small jar.
Combine obsidian chips, stinging nettle, and mirror piece in a small
jar. Bless, or charge the jar as you wish. Shake the small jar to
mirror malicious intent to any whom send negativity your way.

Example of a Prayer Jar:

Abundance Prayer Jar

Items- Small jar. Goldenrod. Wheat.
Combine the goldenrod, and a little wheat in a small jar. Bless or
charge the jar as you'd like. Hold the jar while in prayer either for yourself or others.


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