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This will help you connect with your surroundings and the entities you work with. You don't need anything to do this besides a open mind.

First off, there is no right or wrong way to do this, modify it as you feel fit. Follow your intuition!

When you can find yourself a silent moment (30-60 minutes), enter your room or ritual chamber. It is best to preform this at night, begin with calming your mind. Think about what connections you want to establish. If you wish to just open yourself up to your surrounds feel the energy in the room. If you wish to connect to a specific entity, gaze into the sigil, ask yourself these questions: how do you feel gazing into the sigil? What thoughts are you getting? What thoughts are you getting from the name? When you feel the entities energy say the name three times, each time feeling the energy. Despite which approach you take, you will want to turn off the lights. Stand in your room and gaze into the darkness. Personally, I will listen to some music that matches my vibration and meditatively dance. You can stand still if you would like. Try practicing forming PSI balls and manipulating energy. From experience this gets spirits and entities in the background active and curious in what you are doing. (You can also announce that you make yourself open to communication) As you practice try gazing at different parts of your room. You may get a feeling you are getting watched. Try shifting your gaze in that direction and see whats there. You won't always be able to see them, you can try to get a feel for their energy. Gazing at the middle of the ceiling or a corner of the room is a excellent way to see entities moving in your peripheral vision. If you are trying to connect with a specific entity you can call it's name out three times in the format "--- come,--- come, ---come" take note of the feeling of the room. This is typically very safe although problems aren't unheard of. If you feel something hostile it is always best practice to banish it to where it came from according to your core beliefs. I use this format: on behalf of [name god, spirit guide,etc OR everything good in the universe] I formally cast out and banish you from me, my room, my house, my property. Return from where you can from and be barred from returning forever." If this happens it is best to stop the ritual/exercise and try another day.


When you gaze into the background you will likely see a alternating black and white background, similarly like what's on old TV's not on a station. pay attention to shapes in this and also how light or dark it appears, it is also able to show you energy patterns.

If you want to see a specific entity you can ask it comes in "fair form" as to not startle you.

Try rubbing over your third eye area imagining how it feels as it opens, additionally you may anoint it with essential oil.

Try creating a energy pillar from the center of the universe.

Ground yourself to earth and the universe if you choose to standstill or create PSI balls.

Look at what your aura is in this state of hyper awareness.

Write down your experiences!

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