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Christopagan Charge of the Goddess (credit to YouTube video)


I am the Great Mother, full of Grace; hear my words

I am she, known by namy names across many faiths.

I am Mother Mary, Cerridwen, Aphrodite, Sophia, Kali, Inanna, Isis, Diana, Hecate, Brighid, Morrigan, and all others.

I am in you and of you.

I am the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Coven, Your Lady, Star of the Sea, Lady of the Lake, The Huntress, the Morrigan, and the Holy Spirit.

When you need me, call me, and I am there.

Look to the Moon and you will find me.

When the Moon is Full, assemble together or praise alone.

I am there, with you in Spirit.

Feel me around you and in you, for I am the Queen of the Witches.

Assemble together under the moon.

Hear me calling to you.

Learn of my secrets of prayer and Magickfor I will teach you this Holy Witchcraft.

By knowing me, you are knowing yourself - the inner world.

I will help free you of the outside world - of all burdens.

Ask and you shall receive.

Praise me with rejoice, joy, laughter, music, and dance.

Love others and forgive in my Name for life is a lesson.

Know your goals and work towards them.

Nothing will stop you for I walk with you always.

I am the Secret and the Way.

I am the Path to the Truth.

I will give you eternal life with me.

I am the Gracious Goddess

I give each of you Joy and happiness.

In life, I give you knowledge to be gained and lessons to be learned.

Learn of me and learn from me.

In death, I give you peace, freedom, and reunion with others.

I do not demand sacrifice in life for I am life itself.

I am the Mother of the Living and the Mother of the Dead.

My love pours over all the land for I am the land, the Earth.

Feel my love shine down from the Moon for I am the Moon - Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Hear my words for I am your Star Goddess.

My feet are the hosts of Heaven.

My body encircles the Universe.

I am the beauty that is the green Earth.

I am the White Moon among the Stars.

I am the Mystery of the Waters.

I am the Desire of the heart of humankind.

Call me to know me.

Arise from slumber, open your eyes, and feel me around you.

Come to me for I am the Life Force of the Universe.

From me, all is born.

Unto me, all is returned.

Come to me, be in my arms, and know yourself.

See me and feel your Soul grow.

All acts of love and pleasure are my Rituals.

When your heart rejoices, you worship me.

Because of your worship you will be filled with Life.

Let there be beauty and strength within you.

Let there be power and compassion within you.

Let there be honor and humility within you.

Let there be mirth and reverence within you.

Let there be love and light within you and around you.

Experience all, for all is Life.

If you wish to find me and know me, learn of me and feel me.

Experience the Mystery of the Great Mother from within you.

The key to knowing me is within you.

Look into the Inner Temple and I am there.

I have been with you from the beginning, my child.

I will forever be by your side.

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