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How to find a suitable deity to form a bond with, leave proper offerings, and invoke their presence for spell and ritual work.

Deity Work

Before delving into how you should build a relationship with a deity, one must first find a deity with whom they wish to form a union with. Before choosing one indefinitely, you should always check for the possibility that a deity is trying to reach out to you through subtle signs in nature. Sometimes a deity likes to be the first to initiate contact, but they cant just openly convey this desire plain for the world to see--at least not without the potential repercussions.

An example of deity contact would be seeing peacocks or finding their feathers in areas where you normally wouldn't. This could relate to the Goddess Hera because of her association with the sacred animal.

If you don't see any signs despite your efforts, don't worry, most people won't. Sometimes you must be the first to initiate contact. If you feel lost about who to choose, just find a deity that you feel most connected with--be it because of their domain or origin.

Once you've found a God/Goddess, the best thing to do is to make yourself known. This helps lay the foundation for future interactions. After you've introduced yourself, you should leave an offering or recite a prayer as a sign of respect. Just be sure to leave a meaningful offering related to their domain if you plan to give one. From there, you must take time to build your relationship. A bonded union doesn't happen in a day. To build a connection you can:

  • Meditate to figure out more about them. Ask questions and look for responses to interpret.
  • Draw them. It doesn't need to be perfect, but try to put in your best effort while creating it.
  • Talk to them. Say hello, give a little prayer every morning, or simply acknowledge their presence.
  • Dance for them. Again, it doesn't need to be perfect as much as it should be freeing.
  • Invite them to your rituals. This is different from invoking them for a specific purpose because they aren't playing an active role.
  • Light a candle or burn incense in their honor. Its better if the color or scent pertains to their personality.

If you do not wish for a patron, then that is also fine. You can simply call a deity as you need them for your magickal workings and then leave them something in return. If you wish to focus on Love one minute, you could invoke a goddess like Hathor, Freya or Aphrodite. If you then wish to focus on attaining wisdom, you could invoke a deity like Thoth, Odin or Athena. Always be sure to leave an offering if you do this, because they do not need to lend you their energy for spells and rituals. This is out of their own free will.

If you don't know an appropriate offering to give, this is a basic list of three to get to get you started. One can also honor and work with more than one deity since jealously is not a valid concern among the Gods but be sure you're up for it first. Most of these offerings are either offhand knowledge or based on common herb associations.


Zeus/Jupiter (God of the skies): oak, olive, pine

Poseidon/Neptune (God of the sea): pine, ash, fig

Hades/Pluto (God of the underworld): cypress, mint, pomegranate

Apollo (God of the sun, music): heliotrope, hyacinth, frankincense

Artemis/Diana (Goddess of the moon, wildlife): silver fir, birch, hazel

Ares/Mars (God of war): buttercup, ash, aloe

Athena/Minerva (Goddess of wisdom, war strategy): olive, apple, mulberry

Aphrodite/Venus (Goddess of love): olive, cinnamon, daisy


Ra (God of the sun): acacia, frankincense, myrrh

Osiris (God of the underworld): acacia, grape, ivy

Isis (Goddess of marriage, fertility): fig, heather, wheat

Hathor (Goddess of love): grape, rose, mandrake

Horus (God of the sky): horehound, lotus, persea

Bastet (Goddess of cats, music): catnip, vervain, mint

Sekhmet (Goddess of war): cinnamon, ginger, blackberry

Anubis (God of funerary): frankincense, mistletoe, parsley


Odin (God of wisdom): mistletoe, elm, ash

Freya (Goddess of love): strawberry, daisy, primrose

Thor (God of thunder): thistle, houseleek, vervain

Loki (God of trickery): cinnamon, dragons blood, alder

Baldur (God of light, purity): st. johns wort, daisy, myrrh

Tyr (God of war): thistle, ginger, high john root

Hel (Goddess of the underworld): cypress, elder, ivy

Bragi (God of poetry, music): almond, apple, iris


Ana/Danu (Goddess of nature, fae): bay, patchouli, ash

Dagda (God of fertility, knowledge): oak, ginseng, rowan

Aengus/Angus (God of love): sandalwood, periwinkle, vanilla

Lugus/Lugh (God of the sun): sunflower, cedar, citrus

Morrigan (Goddess of fate): mugwort, sage, jasmine

Brigid (Goddess of healing): blackberry, eucalyptus, chamomile

Belenus (God of light): frankincense, cedar, heliotrope

Camulos (God of war): cedar, acorn, aloe

Once you believe you have attained a steady bond; you may take a chance at invoking your deity. I personally recommend using sigils. This can be done by spelling out a deity's name and removing any present vowels or repeating consonants. The remaining letters are then turned into a symbol of your own design but doing this is not a necessity. Nothing is guaranteed in invocation. Some practitioners claim to have caught a glimpse of their deity's true form while others claim to have heard a voice echo in their mind. This is a subjective experience, but one shouldn't expect a full materialization to occur and magically vanish hardship. I hope this explanation proves useful, and be sure to have a blessed day!

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