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A ritual to show thanks to the god Anubis.

Anpu (Anubis)

  • Associations : Judgment, embalming, mummification, guiding and tending to the dead.

  • Incense: Myrrh, Frankincense, Patchouli, Dragons Blood.

  • Offerings: Coffee, strong beer, obsidian, meadowsweet.

Invocation :

Lord Anpu, minister of the dead. I call to thee. He who guides souls to their final judgment, I invoke thee. Lord Anpu, come forth and stand here with me this day, I ask of thee. He who watches over our lost loved ones and the Duat, join me here this day, I ask of thee.

Ritual of Thanks to the God :

  • Cast your circle.

  • Light your altar candle and incense.

  • Invoke Anpu.

Stand before your altar and hold your offering up in one hand, an incense stick in the other (If you don't have an incense stick, you can light a bundle of herbs and use those). Slowly begin moving around the circle, in a clockwise motion. As you do, say:

Lord Anpu, on this day, I (we) celebrate you. He who guides lost souls through the darkness, and into the Duat, we praise you. My (Our) Lord, be praised.

He who protects the land of the Duat, and our beloved dead, master of embalming, I (we) celebrate you this day. I (we) give thanks for your tender ministrations and guidance.

Royal one of Ra, Father of Kebechet, husband of Anput, be praised.

I (we) place before you offerings and ask that you accept them as my (our) show of gratitude and affection for you. Lord Anpu, be praised!

Place the offering on the altar and place your incense in its holder. Meditate on the energy of Anpu and your connection to him. Thank him again for his guidance and kindness. You can also hold a small meal or feast in his honor.

When you are ready, close your circle and return the offering to the earth.

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