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Dandelion in magic, folklore, and cooking.

Check with a medical professional before using any homeopathic remedy, herb(s) or herbal supplement(s)!


Latin Name: Taraxacum officinale 

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter 

Element: Air 

Magical Uses: 
If you call on the deity Diancecht when working with dandelions she will help you in healing spells. Calling on Bridget, mean while, will help you in spells of divination. The dandelion can also be used in wish spells and spells involving the invocation of spirits. Drinking dandelion tea is also said to help promote psychic visions. 

The flowers can also be used to adorn the alter during Sabbat celebrations. 

Medicinal Uses: 
Dandelions are good for the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, and digestive systems. They can also help with inflammation in patients with hepatitis and cirrhosis. They are also good for gallstone problems. The dandelion is also high in vitamins A, vitamin C and contain iron. 

A cup of dandelion tea (made by boiling the leaves) each day can help with the areas and organs mentioned above. 

The white secretions from the stems can be used to cure acne, warts, bee stings, sores, and calluses. 

You can also dry and roast the roots to make dandelion coffee, which is much healthier for you than regular coffee. 

My grandfather actually used to make dandelion wine by using the flower tops. According to my father (and several of my friends that have made it), the brew is quite good. 

In myths, the dandelion was used by the doctors of the fairy realm to heal wounds and other injuries. Leprechauns were also said to use fields of dandelions to confuse humans. 





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