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Magical correspondences chart for gemstones and metals.


It is used by gamblers because it is supposed to bring wealth and good fortune to its holders. It is supposed to have a connection to the thymus gland and is supposed to help heal the eyes and improve eyesight.

Green Aventurine:

Balances and can help heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. It can help soothe a wounded heart, it is also supposed to increases intelligence and motivation.

Blue Aventurine:

Increases psychic abilities and helps with energy blockages in the brow chakra.

Blue-Green Aventurine:

Helps to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. It can help with communication and balance.

Orange Aventurine:

Can help bring joy and is associated with the second chakra.


Agate: They promote health, happiness, intelligence, and longevity. They help with grounding as well as granting strength and protection.

Banded Agates: Protection, strength, and courage.

Black & White Agate: Protect against physical harm.

Botswana Agate: Protection for sensitives, eases the pain of loneliness, helps with emotional understanding, sexuality, improves mentality, and the immune system.

Lace Agate: Improve problems with depression, and energy flow.

Blue Lace Agate: Carry or wear one to promote peace and happiness.

Mexican Lace Agate: Increases strength and attitude.

White Lace Agate: Improves optimism and mood.

Pink Lace Agate: Improves happiness.

Moss Agate: Helps open the crown and brow chakras, neutralizes fear, expands consciousness during meditation and astral travel, helps ease emotional pain, aids in creativity, increases trust, strength, and love. Improves connections to nature, spirit guides, and other spirits.

Plume Agate: Helps keep you focused when working toward a particular goal.


Dendritic: Protects an individual during travel.

Alexandrite: Alexandrite is a type of chrysoberyl. It aids in regeneration mentally, physically, and spiritually. It helps to align the body mentally and physically as well as aiding in the functions of/having positive influences on the nervous system, spleen, and pancreas.

Amazonite: Can inspire hope and faith in its owner, helps to align the heart and solar plexus chakras, as well as assisting with personal expression and verbalization.



Magical Properties: Amber has long been associated with magic and has often been used as a protection amulet by witches and Shamans. The stone is warm to the touch and had magnetic properties, and it has been known to help in attracting love. In ancient Greece many individuals would wipe it with a silk cloth to attract dust and ashes from their fires.

Healing Properties: It was often burned to cleanse the air (most often during childbirth) and to help improve eyesight.


Aquamarine:a.k.a Aqua Beryl:

Magic: It has often been used as a protective and lucky stone by fishermen, and was believed to aid digestion. It is also associated with sea Goddesses and is often used for increasing psychic abilities.

Healing: It was believed that the stone could help aid stomach problems and cure toothaches.


The stone is associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The Priests and Priestess of ancient Egypt used the stone to achieve a higher spiritual consciousness. It is also said to help you ease into a meditative state more easily.

Magic:Touching the stone helps to more easily release its energy. Due to this, those wishing to know the future often hold the stone when practicing divination. It is also said to help improve brain function and the development of fetuses.



It is the birthstone of March. Warriors often carried it into battle because it was believed to stop the bleeding of wounds.

Magic:It can help attract money and luck, and is said to improve courage and stamina.


Boji Stones:

Helps improve healing, balance, and mood. The stone is said to help improve ones connection to nature, heal holes in auras, and increase physical energies.



Said to help cleanse the mind and body, improves memory, helps clear the mind, and is often used by healers.

Pink Calcite:

calming,centering, grounding, and love.

Orange Calcite:

protection, joy, and energy.

Green Calcite:

Helps you let go of old mental patterns and ways of thinking and adopt new ones. Helps to increase prosperity.



Lore: The stone has long been associated with the aspects of courage, the blood, and cleansing. The stone was thought to improve mood, negate fear, and increase cheerfulness.

Magic: According to Katrina Raphaell the stone can be used to "see into the past." The Crystal Oracle states that the stone is connected to the self and our current condition. The stone is associated with the Earth and can help ground an individual and their energies. Scott Cunningham associates the stone with fire and says that it can help prevent telepathic intrusion.

Healing:The stone is said to help with both impotency and infertility. It is also said to be able to purify the blood and stop nosebleeds.



Associated with the function of the thyroid, helps ease stress, relaxation, calms the mind, aids in creativity, helps in reaching higher states of awareness, truth, reliability, and speech.



Said to help prevent ulcers, digestive issues, and arthritis. Helps improve the functioning of the lungs, thyroid, and metabolism. Helps ease fear, guilt, and tension. Helps balance the subconscious. Accentuates feminine qualities and improves helps alleviate menstrual pain. Increases the throat chakra, creativity, personal power, communication, happiness, and helps to balance the emotions.



Improves emotions. It negatives envy, greed, selfishness, tension, and stress. If worn, it can help with success, money, and attracting new friends. Improves emotional and personal insights. Improves fertility and is said to ease gout, mental illness, and eye disorders.



Lore: In ancient times it was believed to ward off the evil eye and sterility.

Magic: it is associated with the element of water, the sun, and the Southern direction. It is a sacred stone of the Goddesses Venus and Isis. It is used in protection magic for women and children, and carried by sailors to protect them from and during bad weather. It is also said to increase fertility in women and regulate menstrual cycles. For children, it is said to relieve the pain of teething and epilepsy. For the elderly, it is said to help with arthritis.


Diamond: Said to increase fierceness, strength, and fortitude. It is also said to increase the bond between friends, provide protection, guard against disease, and if set in gold it is said to keep away unwanted entities.


Dioptase: Said to improve cardiovascular functioning and the function of the nervous system. Also said to improve ulcers, stomach and digestive issues, heart and blood issues, balance of the body and mind, stabilizes the emotions, helps with peace of mind, and healing. It is said to attract prosperity, abundance, growth, good health, and well-being.



Emeralds can bring love if charged and placed near a green candle while doing so. Wear the emerald or carry it with you to bring love into your life.

The Greeks associated the stone with Venus, the Goddess of live. It was, and still is, associated with love and wealth.

Emerald is also said to help with clarity and healing diseases associated with the eyes.

In folklore, it was thought to cure both poison and disentary.



Used to improve the mind and assist in mental functioning. It is also thought to help improve mental disorders and spiritual awakenings. It balances the positive and negative of the mind. It helps both clear and ground energies. Helps with focus and strengthens bone and dental tissue (the source of fluoride.)



Helps balance energy, stimulates desires, and improves attitude. Increases happiness, power, wealth, patience, sexuality and peace. It can also be used for purification. Improves strength and vigor. It grants protection and helps align the spiritual and physical bodies. If placed under your pillow it's said to help you remember your dreams.


Golden Beryl:

Uses in Ancient Lore: It is often cut into spheres and used for scrying crystals.

Uses in Magic: It is said to protect those who where it from being manipulated by others. It is also said to increase psychic awareness, and is associated with the sun.

Uses in Healing: Often used by those who have problems with their liver, digestive system, glands, and eyes. It is also supposed to boost the energy and strengthen the immune system. It is also used for depression, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach ulcers, and obesity.



Promotes purity, serenity, and love. In ancient societies it was believed to bring luck, promote inspiration, and improve business transactions. It is also believed that if one wears jade when they garden, it will promote healthy growth of plants. It is also worn to promote protection when casting spells for that purpose.

Uses in Healing:

Attaching a piece of the stone to the arm is believed to help remove kidney stones. The ancient Greeks used the stone to heal eye ailments, and believed that if you wore the stone it would help fight illness and infection on the nonphysical or spiritual level.


Jasper: It is believed to bring luck, ground energies, grant stability, negate fear, reduce insecurities, and reduce guilt.

Jet: They can negate evil energies and keep them away from the individual in possession of the stone. They also help fight off depression and fear. They are a link between the physical and spiritual self and planes. They are used to balance emotions and protect from possession.

Kyanite: Strengthens the throat chakra, improves creativity, communication with others, honesty, peace, and loyalty. It is also believed to aid in astral travel.

Lapis Lazuli: -It was favored by the ancient Egyptians and was believed to help ease the pain of childbirth and to aid in trance work. It can also be used in rituals to help attract love and to improve psychic abilities or psychic awareness. It can also be used to help open the Brow (also known as the Ajina) chakra.

Lepidolite: Healing, calms emotions(especially anger, protects from nightmares

Malachite: directs power, protection

Meteorite: resolves issues with past lives, improves connection with the universe, increases awareness

Moldavite: balancing and channeling energy

Moonstone: attunement with the goddess, balances female hormones, calming, intuition, psychic abilities, protection, love, divination

Obsidian: protection, scrying, and cleansing.

Opal: beauty and healing

Onyx: emotional balance and stress relief.

Peridot: visions, channeling energy, healing

Petrified Wood: grounding, relieves stress, protection

Pyrite: digestion, circulation, enhances emotions


Smokey Quartz: purifies the base chakra, increases pride about working with yourself and the earth.

Rutilated Quartz: energy and rejuvenation, increases energy vibrations and helps with depression, heals the soul, increases thought projection and psychicism.

Tourmalated Quartz: balances energy, helps with astral projection and getting rid of negative energy.

Blue Quartz: peace, tranquility, and creativity.

Green Quartz: good for all healing, creativity, balance, and prosperity.

Snow Quartz: helps with hopes and dreams, improves focus, clarity, love, and truth.


Rhodochrosite: Helps improve emotions and promote happiness, it helps unite the conscious and unconscious, promotes love, energy, and balances mental, physical, and emotional health.

Rhodonite: Improves self-esteem, confidence, helps relive anxiety and confusion, and it helps repel unwanted spiritual influences.

Rhyolite: Helps stabilize emotions; promote love, and physical beauty.

Ruby: Aids in regeneration of the spiritual and physical heart, improves circulation and blood flow. Improves courage, joy, selflessness, and leadership skills.

Crystal Correspondences: Days of the Week

Sunday: all yellow gems

Monday: all white gems

Tuesday: all red gems

Wednesday: all blue gems

Thursday : all green gems

Friday: all black gems

Crystal Correspondences: Cardinal Directions


moss agate, emerald, jet, salt, black tourmaline, olivine.


imperial topaz, citrine, mica, pumice


amber, obsidian, ruby, garnet


moonstone, jade, aquamarine, lapis lazuli



Gold: purification, energy, strength, improves circulation, balances the brain and heart, gives power to thoughtforms, increases aura power

Silver: increases mental function, increases circulation, strengthens the blood and glands, decreases stress, associated with the moon, conducts energy, associated with the female aspects, balances emotions

Copper: improves blood flow, energizes the body and mind, improves metabolism, aligns physical and emotional, energy conductor



The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-Paganism. - Written by Raymond Buckland.

The Crystal Bible ~ Judy Hall

Crystal Healing ~ Judy Hall

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