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Magical associations and uses of trees and plants from Appalachia.


  • Uses : Love, Friendship, Fertility.

The fruit and blossoms of the apple tree have a plethora of uses when it comes to love, friendship, and fertility spells and rites. The blossoms can be blessed and charged to be placed in sachets for love drawing. They can also be added to honey jars to help sweeten an intended lover or new friend to you.

The whole apples can be chopped up and used as offerings to spirits or used as tools in spells, much like the blossoms can be used, as mentioned above. Below I have added some spells and charms that you can use. 


  • Uses : Luck, Success, Employment, Finances.

Clover is well known for its associations with luck and success. It is one of the most common plants seen when it comes to such matters. You can find it in numerous spells and charms for luck, success, and employment.

Pinning a four leaf clover to your hat or shirt can help bring you good luck. Carrying it with you, in your pocket, for job interviews can help increase your chances of employment. They can also be dried and burned as incense during spells for luck. 


  • Uses : Protection, Healing, Banishing, Warding off negative spirits and energies.

Garlic isn't something that is often found growing in the wild, but it is very common in most grocery stores and easily accessible. It is a wonderful addition to spells, sachets, and charms for protection and safeguarding yourself or your home. 
Garlic can be braided together and hung up in your home to absorb negative energies and to ward off negativity and unwanted spirits or energies. I would suggest never using garlic braids, used in this way, in culinary purposes. And they should be replaced once a month.

Garlic powder can be sprinkled around your home or placed in sachets and protection bottles to keep negative energies from entering your home or ritual space.

Full cloves can be slowly and gently rub on injured body parts or up and down the length of the body to heal heal an injury or illness and speed recovery. However, serious cases of illness or injury should always be treated by a licensed, medical professional.


  • Uses : Love, Friendship, To Dream of a future spouse, and can help attract fairies and other nature spirits.

Honeysuckle is a common sight in the woodlands when spring finally comes around. Its pale yellow and white blossoms have a very sweet scent and they often attract honey bees and hummingbirds.

Its sweetness also makes it a lovely plant to use when trying to attract fairies to your garden or workspace. Add the honeysuckle to your altar with violets and silver to entice the Fae to come visit!

It can be placed under your pillow to bring dreams of future lovers and spouses, and added to flower bouquets to promote friendship and encourage loving vibrations between two people.


  • Uses : Protection, Stability, Strength

Oak is a very strong and sturdy wood. Its prized for these qualities and used in furniture crafting to make tables, chairs, desks, and various other household items.

It can be used for these qualities in works of magic as well. Oak wands are a wonderful addition to spells and rituals where you are seeking to perform works of magic for protection, stability, and strength.

Its leaves and bark can be added into charm sachets and spell bottles for protection and stability. Much like with the other trees and woods we have discussed, it can be cut into disks and then decorated with runes and other magical symbols. These charms can then be hung up around your home and ritual space to imbue the area with the energies and qualities that the wood and runes provide.

Oak altars can also be used and serve as a focal point for you in works of protection, stability, and strength. Such altars are also quite lovely when used as a workspace for connecting with Nature and Woodland spirits.

I have found that oak is also a wood that Gnomes are very fond of and using its leaves and bark as offerings to them and as sacred items on their altars is a wonderful way to connect with them.


  • Uses: Protection, Stability, Strength, Renewal

Pine is a wonderful wood for use in magic. It makes sturdy wands and can be cut into disk and soldered with runes and other symbols for use in magic and ritual work. The branches, with fresh needles attached, can be used to sweep away negative energies from your ritual space or to help promote positive vibrations in an area where a circle will be cast. Because of its ability to withstand harsh climates and its evergreen qualities, it can also be used in spells for rebirth and renewal.

The sap, with its viscous texture and quality, can be used in protection jars to slow down and halt any magic or negative acts being worked against you. The sap traps the magic and energies and prevents them from reaching you.

Strawberry, Wild

  • Uses: Love, Friendship

Strawberries grow wild along some of the Eastern states here in the U.S. Their small, red berries are a welcome sight in the spring. They offer a wonderful addition to pies and jams, and are useful in magic too!

Its berries and leaves can be dried and added into charm sachets for love and friendship. It can also be cooked into foods or added into potions for the same purpose. If you feel things are growing a little stale in your love life, brew up some strawberry wine and work a little magic on it to bring back that tenderness and love you've been missing!


  • Uses : harmony, raising energy, prosperity, and success.

Sycamore is easily identified with its spotted bark of white and light browns. It is a common sight in the more mountainous sections of the U.S East Coast. Sycamore wands and bark can be used when calling to the spirits for prosperity rituals. The bark can be used in spells and rituals for harmony, prosperity and success. If you want to bring these vibrations and energies into your home and ritual space, you can carve prosperity runes into disks made from Sycamore wood and hang them up around your residence and magical work space.


  • Uses : Divination, Dowsing

Willow trees have long been associated with finding water, as their roots will seek out water sources and have even been known to grow into plumbing systems in their search for it. For this reason, willow branches and been used to make natural, wood dowsing rods to help find water and other lost items.

Its flexible branches can also be twisted and braided into wands that can be used for divination rituals and psychic workings. The branches can also be woven together to make brooms with which you can sweep away negative energies to help during cleansing rituals of the home and your workspace.

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