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Automatic writing is a form of divination taking words from the subconscious mind and translating them onto paper almost like a game of unscrambling the words to determine what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

What is Automatic Writing:

It is a form of divination to connect with your subconscious mind to receive messages/insight.

Take it into consideration, automatic writing is not just a form of divination, it is also a common way to receive messages from other entities which also gets another name with that fact "Spirit writing" when you do this, you are asking a spirit to possess your hand in order to write out its messages.In spiritualism, spirits are claimed to take control of the hand of a medium to write messages, letters, and even entire books. Many like to point out how similar automatic writing is to an ouija board, and it is quite similar, so if you plan to contact entities, do a cleansing and protection before doing so, just as you would an ouija board session. Anything you call on you must know to banish. Automatic Writing is typically done on paper and a pen/pencil/whatever you have. Some people like to use notes on their phone or a laptop keyboard for this, if you go about it a certain way like the write what comes to your mind way, then a keyboard is useful.

There are different ways to practice automatic writing

Automatic Writing With Spirits:

It shouldn't matter what you are writing on, it could be copy paper, notebook paper, etc, just make sure the spirit has enough room.

You should have practiced a fair amount of meditation before going into this to make sure you get into a 'trance state' to allow the spirit to get their messages in more,

When you are meditating, just let the spirit know they are welcome to write a message down, don't focus on *what* the spirit is writing and don't try to make out letters with what your hand is writing, focus on the meditation and the spirit might try to send messages through your meditation as well.

When you feel like they got the message through you can open your eyes and scan through the paper, try to make out some of the letters as best you can, some spirits are tricky and you might have to spell out the word yourself given the letters you see, but it is unlikely.

Automatic Writing Divination:

Since there are many ways to do divination on this subject, I will list my personal favorite.

Meditate until you get into a soothing state, call out what you want to know and jot down any words that come to mind for at least 3 minutes and when that is over you may find that it has a theme, for example, your mind may be in a dark area and it may have unsettling words in there it all depends on your situation and question, however it could just be random in general.

You will have random words in there, and you would have to cross out the words yourself that doesn't make sense, then it may be easier to read and determine the answer.

Of course, on your first few tries of automatic writing, it won't be perfect, and as you continue to practice it will become easier and more accurate.


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