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Create your own place of power using the energy of the Earth and the twelve western zodiac signs.

You must begin by creating twelve objects of power that represent each and every one of the western zodiacs. This is the most time consuming part of the ritual and may take several hours to days to create each one. Each list below has the zodiac's name and what should be added to that zodiacs veils. Before even starting each veil you make will contain the symbol of that zodiac so on small piece of paper you will need one for each zodiac by either drawing it or however necessary. When you get to making the veils if you do them in groups of three, they are so much easier to work with in terms of time management and charging.

The Fire Veils

  • Aries - Sage, Iron shavings, Sealed with red candle wax
  • Leo - Willow leaves, Topaz, Sealed with yellow candle wax
  • Sagittarius - Carnation petals, Tin shavings, Sealed with red candle wax

The Water Veils

  • Pisces -  Beach sand, aquamarine moonstone, Sealed with sea blue candle wax (mix green and blue)
  • Cancer -  Rain water, Silver shavings, Sealed with violet colored candle wax
  • Scorpio - Tobacoo, Obsidian, Sealed with brown colored wax

The Earth Veils

  • Taurus - Rose petals, Copper wire, Sealed with green wax
  • Capricorn - Corn, Lead scraps, Sealed with purple and brown candle wax
  • Virgo - Rosemary, Platinum shavings, Sealed with black candle wax 

The Air Veils

  • Libra - Quartz, Copper wire, Sealed with gold candle wax
  • Gemini - Sandalwood, Tigers eye, Sealed with orange candle wax
  • Aquarius - Peacock Feathers, Topaz, sealed with yellow candle wax


Once the veils are made you may charge them in groups of three with the help of the elements that represent them best. For the fire elements draw energy from the heat and light of a candle into one hand and while they are in your other hand let the energy of fire move through them. For the water veils draw the natural energy from the moving water and fill it with that or even the moon will work perfectly. The earth veils can be infused with the energy in the earth or ley lines and should come up from the ground through your feet into your hands and then to the veils. The Air veils should be charged with your own energy, i normally will build energy in my throat chakra and breathe it on the veils.

Finally, now that your veils are charged and each one has the items you want then its time to put them in the ground. You should bury them six inches in the ground, starting in order of  the zodiac system you place them in a circle around your home. The order being Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. When you finish burying the last one i recommend casting a circle to connect each veil, i generally use my own method for this which is below for those wanting to know that. Once you establish this kind of connection you can guarantee amazing results not only in casting spells, but protection against them. In this circle your capable of incredible works of magick so please enjoy .

Energy Circle:

Your objective is to take in each element, understand it, and bring it fourth to represent its place in this practice. We start with facing North, this is the element earth and a very relaxing start. You want to close your eyes and imagine your buried in the earth. Normally taking your shoes off really helps with this one. You want to visualize roots coming from your feet deep into the earth. This one is easy, your either a seed, tree, or celestial extension of Gaia reaching into the earth for comfort and support. Question your sense;s, heighten them with questions to build a map of what's going on around you. Can you smell the earth, feel it, what can you see down there? After understanding Earth, visualize a green or brown orb to hover in its place, the source of energy is beneath your feet creating its existence and turn widdershins to the East.

Now with Earth invoked we focus on the Air or East. This one was easy for me but most casters don't have difficulties with their own elements. So to invoke i was told to close my eyes and be still, let the natural breeze hit my face. When the need surges with a gust of wind visualize a feather bursting from your body on the opposite side, being guided by the wind it takes off. Visualize the details, people trying to catch you, weightless, and to get the idea of what a feather would see on its travels. When you understand and wish to invoke Air, visualize the feather coming back and hovering in front of you creating a gold ball to represent the element Air.

Now we move towards the South, and this is the fire element. Fire is exciting to invoke it gives you a whole new insight to what fire is. Facing South you close your eyes and actually visualize your a shooting star passing earth. A bright colorful ball of different gases, fire, and minerals streaking across the sky. People below can see you, and they make wishes as you pass by. Do you feel fire, does it fight the cold in equal balance? What is it you can see below and above? To understand fire is to understand raw energy, excitement, and passion. When you understand fire let the shooting star come to you and then deliver it to represent the element of fire as a red or amber orb.

Last to invoke is the West or the element water, and like earth it is relaxing but the best word for this would be "cleansing". Face the West and close them eyes yet again, now put yourself in the remote reaches of the Amazon Forest. Somewhere far away from man made anything, and let your mind find the water fall buried in the jungle nobody knows about. Become the water and let yourself flow over the rocks making their sharp edges smooth, and the fish swim quickly in your belly. Just flow for awhile, when your ready imagine the rushing water coming in front of you transforming into the water orb that now represents the element water.





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