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To bring the ocean closer to you.

For this ritual you will need the following items: 

Glass Jar (Of any size that you want)

Sea Salt (I used Mediterranean sea salt)

Sand (optional but preferred)

Seashells (I would strongly suggest using the real thing, as they have been soaking in the sun and moonlight and the properties of the ocean waters, however, fake ones fro m the store will do just fine.)

Aquamarine Crystals/Ocean Jasper/Abalone shells

This is one of my favorite rituals, and the best way that I have found to connect with the ocean and its creatures in the purest form. Of course, its much better to get sand and water directly from the source. But if you're a landlocked witch like myself, then you can substitute this with regular tap water which I have found to be the most efficient, otherwise. 

Putting your jar together:

Take your jar and fill the bottom with the sea salt to as high or low as you'd like. If you have sand, follow the same instructions. 

Next, add in your shells and the crystals you have chosen. Really, you can use any crystal you like, I even put Amethyst in mine. You may put in as many or as few as you think necessary. I put in mine about 1 or 2 of each seashell that I picked up and liked. This ritual is user friendly and can accommodate to your specific needs and ingredients.  

The last part for the inside is to fill it to the top with water. You can use tap water, but sea water is preferred. After you've done that, seal the jar with its lid. I took copper wire and wrapped it around it and adorned it with more shells and another small piece of aquamarine. I also tied a blue ribbon that had anchors on it, just because it felt right. 


For the actual ritual portion of this, it is entirely up to you on what you do with the jar once its complete. You can use it in your spell-works and for meditation. You can use the water in tinctures and potions, etc. I usually just sit mine in the direct light of the full moon to charge and keep it on my bedside table. I've also made a smaller one as well to always carry with me, so that's an option as well. 

Once the jar is together, sit in a meditative position and hold the jar in both of your hands. Close your eyes and calm your breathing and visualize the ocean in your mind. See it, smell it, picture being right there bathing in the warm sunlight and the salty breeze brushing against your skin. Imagine the feeling of the waters and the energy from the sea dripping from your mind down your arms and into the jar. If your ritual has intentions, let those flow and infuse into the jar as well. 

The point of this ritual is to bring you closer to the sea, or lake or any body of water. Its a great tool to use to connect to the element, and to connect to the sea for those of us sea witches that are landlocked and not near any body of water. 

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