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Just as Vampires are real, Vampire slayers are as well. Thousands of years ago, the first vampires got into a bit of trouble, which began the first generations of slayers. Around 70BC, the Slayers became more sympathetic. More Vampires have humane morals, so the slayers decided they would make an agreement. The Vampires and the Slayers made a treaty. If a Vampire breaks the treaty, the slayers have the right to kill the Vamp. If the Vamp does not break the treaty, the slayer cannot kill. This is the New Code.

The Laws of the New Code:

1. When ever somebody directly asks you if you are a real vampire, always say yes in the same way and tone that they asked you. (if they jokingly ask you, then jokingly say yes. If they yell the question at you, then yell at them when you say yes. If they sound serious, then say yes in a serious tone, etc). Because to deny what you are, is to deny who you are. And to deny who you are, is to deny that you exist, and to deny that you exist is to deny that any of us exist.

2. You are responsible for the actions of those that you have turned into a real vampire. If they already have mental problems do not make them worse by changing them, causing their thoughts to become darker, i.e. if you turn an already aggressive person into a real vampire, and they go off attacking random people and killing the people that they were mad at, the same punishment will be done to you, that was done to the one that you made. Either by the real vampire society (not the fakes in the "vampire community") or the first slayer to find you. Because any real vampire, or person that claims to be a real vampire, that lashes out makes us all look bad. Generally the punishment results in death.

3. A real vampire is made by a simple exchange of blood between a real vampire, and a human. The vampire drinks first (this does not require a lot of blood) and anyone can be turned into a real vampire.

4. Never turn someone into a real vampire for any of the following reasons: to prove that vampires are real; to prove to them that they weren't already a real vampire; in hopes to cure an illness of theirs; simply because they want to become one (always backfires); because they hate there life and think being a real vampire will magically fix it (backfires as well and cant be reversed); or out of revenge.

5. Only acquire blood with a donors permission, never by force or against a persons wishes.

6. When coming out in the open never insist on people believing you. If you are one after saying that you are a real vampire just be your normal self and they will realize it on their own time.

7. If a fellow real vampire needs help, offer to help them even if they don't ask for it. We all know that we tend to wait until its either almost too late, or way to late before asking for help, because of some natural instinctive cat like logic reasoning. So do each other the favor of not letting them wait that long.

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Apr 20, 2019
Physical vampires do not exist. There are people who identify as psychic vampires, which is spiritual and has nothing to do with this. There are also otherkin who may identify as vampires, but they are not physical vampires. Anyone who claims to be born as a blood-drinking vampire is not telling the truth. In addition, ''slayers'' don't exist. The belief in such groups is both misinformed and harmful to actual minority groups who are threatened by hate crimes.

Sep 28, 2019
Never consume large quantities of blood, the human body cannot process it. You are human, vampires like the ones described are astral beings, and you will never become one.

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