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Just a minor explanation on ''your'' element.

I have been getting a lot of mail lately with students and members asking me how to control the elements, or that their emotions are tied to when the weather acts crazy. I'm here as your priestess to open your eyes up. I will be blunt, and to the point. Do not get mad at what I tell you. Take it in and learn from it. Any such nonsense that follows and your comments will be deleted.

Thank you.

Step 1. Knowing your Element and you

The first step is knowing your element. Finding out what it is isn't that hard to do though you should be aware that no person can truly be connected to one specific element. Its more about a draw to that element and what you perceive it as. It's about which one you feel closest too. It's not your zodiac sign though many end up being close to their predestined element. I'm a Scorpio so mine should be water but its Earth. Meditation and spending time with your element are important. It creates a bond with you two. I will use my element since I know it best. With Earth, I spend a lot of time outside. Sitting in the grass, or just outside period. It lets Earth know that I care about her, that she is my element and I am her person. Get it? Good.

Step 2. Using your Element

Okay, here comes the fun part. You ready?

You can't control the weather. I don't care how many times you swear up and dead to your great grannies dead grave, you can't. Having an element is more so on the spiritual and emotional plains. Your element isn't there for you to make it rain when you want to, or snow, or make trees grow. It's there for support, to help guide you into a better life and bring you positive energy. It is not a tool to bring you whatever bloody weather you want that day.

Step 3. Thanking your Element

As a practitioner, you are responsible for doing the right thing, whatever you deem that be. But thanking your element should always be a priority. Your element, when connected, is important to you, and you appreciate those important things in your life, yes? You'd better. Simply do something you know your element will love, as a thank you. Earth loves it when I keep her trimmed and looking nice. So I cut the grass every Wednesday and Saturday. Trim the bushes, she loves it. That's my thank you to her for bringing me love and light everyday.

Now mind you, I didn't go into detail with this so its very short and straightforward. I hope this has helped any of you with questions, and any further questions you have you can comment with them, or my inbox is always open. Thank you for your time.

Your Priestess,


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May 01, 2019
Just being curious right now, how do we know what element we are close to?

May 01, 2019
We are made up of all the elements. One way to view it: earth = body, air = breathe, fire = spirit, and water = blood. The best way to know which element you are fondest of is to work with each of them regularly.

Jun 16, 2019
does meditating help?

Mar 16, 2022
Thanks, I am attracted to more than one element please how can I get the main element that is close to me,help pls

Mar 18, 2022
There isn't one. We're all the elements, so you should work with them all. You might find it easier to connect with one over another [it's easier for me to connect with water and earth over air. I even have more of a connection with fire than air] I'd start with working with the element that interest you most, then the second, and so on until you've found balance with them all.

Mar 28, 2022
''An apprentice goes to its teacher and asks him : Teach me how to control fire, teach me to make and manipulate the element of fire. The teacher says, why would you want to waste so much energy to learn and manipulate the fire element, humans have invented matches, lighters, lamps...'' Apprentice: teacher, teach me how to control water element or earth element! Teacher: why would you want to waste so much energy to learn and manipulate water or earth elements? Humans already invented bottles, recipients which hold water, boats to seal on sea. There are shovels to dig into ground, mountains to climb, trees to plant why would you want to manipulate earth element?! Apprentice: teacher, teach me to manipulate air and wind elements! Teacher: why would you want to waste so much energy to learn and manipulate air and wind? Humans have invented fans, airplanes... Apprentice: :/ teacher... what are you going to teach me? Teacher: I will teach you how to listen, how to see, how to taste, how to touch, how to sense fragrance ... ultimately I am teaching you how to experience negativity so you can appreciate the positive experiences in your life'' I am the apprentice .

Mar 29, 2022
I like that. I like it a lot.

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