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by FluffyGod

Like all elements they have a known various connection to purification. But with water people find it to link to the sub-consciousness and emotions. These are not the only connections to water. I assure you that much.

As we know we think water is a liquid. It is always changing in a constant flux.

Like the sea our mind is moving back and forth never ending always changing from emotions and such.

Doing a ritual with water usually ends with offering something to the ocean or a natural water area.

Water is seen as a Feminine element. As well as being connected to Autumn and West.

Things to work under magic is doing water rituals during fog, rain, snow and any natural water places. If you cannot do these you just use a mirror to represent water in some instantces.

Those who find a strong conection to water and wish to make it there study be warn working with any thing can take a lifetime.


Common Ideals In Magic:

  • Cleansing
  • Shielding
  • Healing
  • Friendship spells
  • Fertility spells
  • Sleep
  • Dreams
  • Removing of Curses

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