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3 Recipes for flying ointments, which are used to induce Astral Projection, or 'flying'.

Before you begin, I would like to make sure you are aware of the dangers of these flying ointments. Some of these ointment recipes may contain possibly toxic herbs, which will be marked by a *. Do not ingest (eat) these ointments. They are for external use only.

-Flying Ointment Recipe: Herb Infused Oil #1-






Infuse three herbs in pure olive oil or sweet almond oil for at least two weeks, for up to a month (in an air-tight glass jar such as a Mason jar). You'll want to use 1/4 herbs to 3/4 oil as a general rule for herbal infused oils. Be sure to shake the jar every day, twice a day. At the end of the 2-4 weeks, you'll want to strain out the herbs and bottle the flying ointment oil. Anoint your chakras or your power points (third eye and back of neck/tip of spine) to induce a trance and take flight.

- Flying Ointment Recipe - Herbal Infused Oil #2 -




-Bay leaves

Infuse three herbs in sweet almond oil or jojoba oil for 2-4 weeks in an air-tight glass jar. Follow instructions in first recipe above. Anoint power points on body: third eye, back of neck, under arms, tops of feet, chakra points, etc. Especially helpful to anoint before bed-time, as you may experience intense astral travel.

If you are looking for a flying ointment that is a little closer to the original flying ointments, you might be more inclined to choose an herbal salve flying ointment instead of an herbal infused oil. Herbal salves take a little more work to create but they are worth the extra effort. The consistency is much thicker and will not drip or rub off as easily as an oil flying ointment. Just remember, if you are using more intense herbs such as datura, henbane, etc. you will want to actually wash the salve off after a few hours of flying (don't leave it on overnight unless you want to fly to Antarctica and never return).

-Herbal Salve - Flying Ointment-


herbal infused oil of your choice (see recipes in section above)

beeswax or carnauba wax

glass jar or tin container

optional: vitamin E (to preserve) and essential oils (to add extra scent/energy)

Combine the wax and herbal oil and set it on low-heat to warm over a double-boiler on your stove. Remove it from the stove and add your optional Vitamin E and Essential Oils. Pour into glass or tin container. Allow your salves to cool totally before storing. You'll want to store it somewhere that is cool and dark, so as to avoid heating and re-solidifying the salve.

Consistency of the salve depends on how much wax you use in your flying ointment. More wax equals a thicker consistency, less wax equals a looser consistency. The choice is yours.

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