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Name: Eresmore
Birthday: Apr 22 2001
Location: New England, USA
Gender: Female
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Hello! I'm Tacet, 19. I'm an electic witch that dabbles in different areas of witchcraft. I frequently work with Zeus and Ares, as well as Poseidon (sometimes). I'm an empath, and I soak emotions up like a sponge. I love working with sigils, tarot, pendulums, spell jars, and magick cooking! I'm a firm believer in manifestation.
My current studies are:
-Astral Travel (I struggle a lot with this. Tips are appreciated!)
-Herbs and oils
-Binding and protection spells
-Visions via the Akashic Records (i cannot control these)
-Animal familiars
-candle magick
-Greek and Roman deities
-Cooking magick
Outside of magick, I'm an animation student and a serious gamer. I study animation and I plan on going into the game animation industry. Video games are an amazing way to live fantasy!
Please do not ask for spells (you are perfectly capable of doing them yourself) or message me flirtations. I am in a relationship :) Otherwise, feel free to say hello!
I manage a discord server for the magick community, message me for an invitation link!