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Name: Eresmore
Birthday: Apr 22 2001
Location: New England, USA
Gender: Female
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My name is Eresmore, and I am a Hedgewitch. I heavily practice hedge magick, although much of the magick I practice can be considered green magick. I am also someone who is working to strengthen my natural talent in divination. As an animist and naturalist, I love all nature and I believe that every living thing has a soul of its own. My altar is not your usual altar, as it consists of entirely natural things. Much of what I practice uses herbs and natural items. When it comes to hedgecrossing, I use flying ointments as well as aromatherapy (essential oils) as a stimulus. The herbs I mainly specialize in magickal practices are mugwort and cayenne. My second main practice is draconic magick. Much of this practice takes place in the otherworld. I am still in the apprentice phase, and I am working hard towards learning magick from dragons. After all, they have been around much longer than we have, hence they are much more knowledgeable. I am open to answering any questions or concerns about spells or magick, but I do not respond to any mail concerning spell-begging. Anyone is able to do any spell with enough practice and belief. I also do not respond to any messages that are flirtations. I am in a serious relationship that I am perfectly happy with. I am very open to making new friends, as I would like to meet people who are also interested in magick. If you are looking for conversation, feel free to send me a message!