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Name: Eresmore
Birthday: Apr 22 2001
Location: New England, USA
Gender: Female
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I am a pagan hedge witch, and an animist and naturalist. I practice Shamanism, Seeing, Hedgecrossing, as well as animal magick and draconic magick. I was introduced to Magick after discovering myself as a Natural Witch, as I have dreams that foretell the future. I work with my animal familiars and explore both our world and the otherworld through the astral plane. My two familiars as of the moment are the Moon Jellyfish and the Blue Jay. I am a Taurus and I embrace it - as stubborn as I am. I don't respond to mail that corresponds with spell-begging and flirtations. Everyone is capable of making and using their own spells, and I am taken in a relationship I am perfectly happy with. That being said, I do in fact answer questions as well as I can about magick. I am open to friends of any kind. Feel free to send a message if you just want to talk!