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The arts of enchantment with different energys

There is two main arts of enchantment. One being Emotional Enchantment, famous with witches and demonic magic. It can also be used for good, if even mostly used for curses. And there is Ki Enchantment, the vastness of possibility in this art is too big to put here. It is recommended you check out Colors of Power 2 the spell on this site for the emotional enchantment section. The key to enchanting is to take the energy you want to use and put your intention into it, then make your consciousness a generator of it as it poured into the object until it can generate that energy itself. Remake its nature. The moon is useful for this, but I bet no one calls a full moon the enchanters moon anymore.

The Crystal Grid: Depending on what shape calls you, you will choose a shape, and put your crystals into a shape on your alter, or on the floor. Crystals good for this are golden quartz, clear spiked quartz, diamond, broken marble, jade, ect. And some metals can replace it, if random or best in pyramid form will work. These include gold, iron (not steel), copper, zinc and many more of that nature. You use it to pour your energy to it and the grid will redirect the energy and make it more under control as it goes into the item. Chants can help with the power of enchantment, you may use or make your own, it only matters you intention.

Emotional Enchantments: For these you use aura magic to enchant objects

The most known is the classic Witch Enchantment usually a curse, so that something happens to you, there is an opposite as well, a blessing but its harder. You force red and yellow into an object. So that the person in possession will begin to think thar something is going to happen, of that you choose. And after repetitive thinking they will summon it into reality without knowing.

Charm of Raw Emotion is a very simple one, you take a object, usually a rock or a necklace, and choose a color, choose what emotion specifically you want to input and begin enchanting.

Telepathic Phone enchantment is used to make people experienced in telepathic arts able to communicate at a distance. Enchant 2 items for each of you then use the yellow to connect the objects. Now try pulling energy through your item so it pulls from the other and read it. That way you can hear all thoughts and emotion near it.

Ki Enchantments: These use your ki, the hardest to generate but most powerful. Crystal Grid is recommended.

Samurai and his Weapon is an old tale between a samurai, or ninja and his sword. While practicing with those weapon you would transfer your ki into it, being that ki is natural in your body its as if it make you one, like its part of you. Ive used this many times. It makes a connection with your weapon so that when tou pick it up your ki flows though it, so it is more powerful, swords cut sharper even if they feel dull, don't think it works on firearms. Your ability to use it will seem divine after a while of practice with this.

The rest of the enchantments are waiting to be discover by you imagination. Being that Ki can lift objects, change temperature, hurt and heal mortals, effect plant growth, and much more. You can even combine both arts of enchantment to make a special enchantment.

These same methods are used in rune making but its more symbolic with runes

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May 06, 2024
can i use this on my mma gloves

May 07, 2024
I can't see why not. As to what sort of energy/intent you might charge them with, I would recommend working with what they already represent. ...Which can actually be a pretty large number of things. The art of fighting has many connotations and philosophies within it.

You can boil the enchantment/energy charge into simple statements and emotions, then visualize flooding them with it. Having them soak it into their fabric and stitching as if a sponge dipped into a bucket of water. For example perhaps fill them with an energy of deep-calm and focus. Like the image of a deep ocean where the surface might be a storm of chaos and action, but the deep waters hardly ripple. Just as a fighters body can be a flurry of limbs and motion while the mind remains calm and observant. Ready to react and adapt.

Or perhaps charge the gloves with the energy and image of spikes, thorns, glass, or other sharp and penetrating things. This would build an energy of disruption and pain you could push forward into your strokes to inspire more direct, purposeful, aimed blows to cause pain and disruptions in your opponent's body. Or to create the image of unrelenting and powerful grip during a grappling maneuver. A hold that bites in and doesn't let go without consequence.

I do not know if you focus on a standing game or a ground game in your fighting, but I recommend working with your style and mindset. Use the enchantment to either remind yourself of something you are weak in to protect, something you are strong in to remind you to use it effectively, or to promote mindfulness during the fight so you can be deliberate and adaptive.

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