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Short article on "La Santa Muerte" of Mexico

La Santa Muerte is to be named by many as the representation of the ancient goddess of the Aztec, Mictecacihuatl. She is depicted by a skeleton wearing a hood and holding a scythe like the grim reaper. Her appearance is meant to symbolize the power of life and death.
She holds the earth in her hands because of her earthly power. La Santa Muerte represents the balance and justice in life, sometimes she is depicted holding a scale.
There are various colors associated with La Santa Muerte:
  • Gold, red and black are probably the most commonly seen colors.
  • Gold or golden yellow is for money, success and financial concerns
  • Red is for matters of love, romance and protection, especially from the Evil Eye
  • Black is for total protection from enemies, hexing and revenge
  • White and bone-color are for peace and harmony in the home and among neighbors
  • Blue is for increased mental powers and concentration
  • Green is used in matters pertaining to the law, courts and justice
  • Amber is used for healing and releasing habits and addictions
  • Purple is, also, used for health and healing


La Santa Muerte is typically approached like any other Catholic saint. Many people prefer to give a special place in the home for her, which would change over time as you begin working with her. It is possible to tailor your candles and other dressings for her altar, accordingly.

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Nov 02, 2019
The Goddess of the Here, Above, Below, & Beyond, Santa Muerte decends From the state of Oaxaca in MX & died on her wedding day.

Nov 02, 2019
Which is why she is almost always dressed in a traditional wedding gown.

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