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Recipe for Witch's Black Salt

This specific curio has many names; black salt, witch's salt, drive away salt, etc. It is used in European folk magick as well as Hoodoo and African Traditional Practices. Mainly used to drive away negative influences as well as protect the hearth and home. It has many diverse uses, I'll list some below.

  • Like red brick dust, you can line your doorways and windowframes to ward off negative influences or anybody that may be trying to do you harm.
  • Sprinkling it where your enemy walks will drive them away from you. Also when sprinkled on their yard, it is said to cause them to move out and leave.
  • Cursing and jinxing is also a common use for black salt.
  • Sprinkling under your pillow will keep nightmares and negative posses away.
  • Cleansing, floor washes, and baths for purification.
  • Carry some on yourself to prevent maleficent gossip.

Primarily, black salt is used for protection but it can of course be used for other uses as stated above for cursing, jinxing, hot footing, etc. It all really depends upon your intent.

How to make black salt:

You'll need:

  • I prefer to use sea salt, but Kosher salt is also acceptable.
  • Ground black pepper.
  • Ash from a fire pit.
  • Scrapings from skillet or pot.
  • Graveyard dirt.

^ The above is my "basic" recipe, of course the ingredients can vary as well depending on what other items you may want to add into it. For example, black salt for uncrossing you can add hyssop and lemongrass. Red pepper can be added to use for hot foot. There is no right or wrong way to make it, completely up to you however the recipe at the top is the most basic that you'll find to make it.

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