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An introduction article about Oracle Cards.

This article is an introduction to Oracle Cards, how they are used, and some spreads that can be used with them.
What's the difference between Oracle and Tarot?
Tarot has a fixed set of numbers in each deck, 78 cards. They are divided into two groups: The Major and Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is further broken down into Suits: Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles.
Oracle cards have none of that. Oracle decks do not have a fixed number of cards per deck. The number of cards can range anywhere between 20-100.
Some Oracle decks include written phrases or words on each card to help with interpreting them. Other decks do not include any words on their cards at all and rely solely on the artwork.
Most decks do include a guidebook to help with interpretation. They may also include card spreads that are unique to that deck (but you can also use the spreads with other decks).
How to use Oracle Cards
Oracle Cards rely on the reader's intuition and are easier to use than Tarot because they are not as structured and fixed as Tarot Cards. They also go a lot more in-depth than Tarot does.
Disclaimer: The above paragraph is based on my personal experiences, the experiences of friends, and even strangers.
Oracle Cards go beyond predicting the future. They can draw your attention to issues you may not be aware of or buried but need to be addressed. They can show you what you can do to improve current relationships, as well as improve yourself. They reveal problems, solutions, and possible outcomes.
Before using new Oracle Cards, as well as Tarot cards, it's a good idea to cleanse them first and incorporate your own energy into your deck. I always use the smoke of my favorite incense to clean my cards. To add my energy, I shuffle the deck multiple times and look at all the cards at least once. You can bless your cards as well. Guidebooks usually include a blessing you can use for your cards.
To use:
  • Shuffle your deck. Shuffle as many times as you would like. As you shuffle your cards, keep your question in mind.
  • There are many ways to draw your cards. You can draw cards from the top of the deck. You can cut the deck into 2 or more groups, and draw from the top of those groups. You can also spread all your cards in front of you (face down) and hover your hand over the cards until you pull the desired amount. This method allows your intuition, spirits, or deities to guide you.
  • Once you draw out the cards, try to contemplate what you think they mean before you consult the guidebook. Using the guidebook is completely fine, but you can also assign your personal interpretations to cards.
  • It's a good idea to record your readings in a journal. Write down the date and time of the reading, the deck you used, the question you asked, the spread you used, the cards you drew and your interpretation.

Sometimes a reading may not make much sense at the time, but you may discover something later that relates entirely to a previous reading (which is one of the reasons why it's important to record your readings).

Here are some basic and easy to use spreads if you are new to Oracle Cards.
One-Card Draw
This one is simple. You only draw one card. This is often used for daily guidance or general advice for the day ahead. A good question to ask for a one card reading is "How should I focus/direct my energy today?"
Three-Card Spreads:
There are multiple ways to use Three-Card spreads. When you draw the cards, lay them left to right, 1,2,3.
Spread One:

First Card - What you are ignoring/the problem.

Second Card - What you need in this situation.

Third Card - What action you should take to resolve the issue.

Spread Two:

First Card - The past, the energy that is influencing this situation.
Second Card - The present, current energy.
Third Card - Potential future outcome regarding the situation.
Spread Three:
First Card - The heart of the issue or question.
Second Card - The challenge.
Third Card - The solution.
There are many other spreads that can be found online or in the guidebooks.
That's it! I hope this has been a helpful introduction for those who are interested in Oracle Cards.

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