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Part 2 will be focused on 2 laws of energy movement between auras and circles of energy.

There are 2 laws of energy movement.

Law 1:

The Natural Movement

The first circle of energy gets energy from the Universe and converts it in our own aura energy, our personal energy which is very different from one human being to another. Also, the first Circle of Energy is the energy source for the second and the third energy circle. The Natural movement of energy is this: Universe -> First Circle -> Second and Third Circle, and also Second Circle -> Third Circle-> Universe. So the Universe sends us energy, we filtrate it through our minds and we give a different energy to the second circle and a little to the third circle. The Energy from the Second Circle will all be send to the Third Circle and The Third Circle will send all the Energy to the Universe.

Law 2:

The Special Energy Movement

The Second Circle does not only get energy from our First Energy Circle, but from other people's First Energy Circles through interaction. And this is where we meet the phenomenon of Absorption and Sending the Energy, and also the Conversion.


We absorb energy from everybody we interact with, we cannot control it. But we can control the amount of Energy we receive! How? The power is in our mind and how easily we allow a person to make changes in the way we feel, think, speak, act, etc. We have to be careful not to allow negative people to have a great influence upon us, as it does us no good. Sending We send energy both to other people's Second Circle, and also to the Universe. This is why we have to be careful what kind of energy we receive, because that energy will be transformed by us in a very little manner and be directly send to others and to the Universe. And we want to put good energy out there, if not, the consequences could be not very good.


Our mind has the power to change the energy. Strong and spiritual minds will be able to transform the worst kind of energies into the best (take Jesus or any other spiritual leaders that preached love as an example if you'd like). Still, because most of us are not that strong from a spiritual point of view, we should be careful to absorb good energy so that we won't risk allowing the alteration of forms of Universe good energies. If somehow it is not very clear, I am here to answer your questions.

The third part will be about the marks that energies leave in our First Circle and how they interact with new energies that are about to come to us. Have a lovely day!

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