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You are the Sheep. The Brainwashed Sheep. The followers of the Dark ones whom enslave you. You are all members of the Control System. Nothing more than robots going through everyday life not knowing the truth about life and the Multi-Dimensions that are all around you. You go through life not knowing that you yourself are a multi-dimensional being and have access to these other dimensions and higher beings around you. There are many higher vibrating beings sitting and waiting for you to awaken. But you will not have access to all this until you take off your blinders and seek the truth. I write these words simply as a Messenger of Light? a Bringer of Truth. Yes, you have all been brainwashed from the time you were a young child. Brainwashed so that you conform to that which the illuminati has set up to be a system of beliefs in every normal day life. You are fed poisons in your everyday food so that you will dummy down making it easier for you to be brainwashed. You are given chemicals in your everyday drinking water making it easier for you to follow the herd of sheep. You are given microchip implants through vaccinations. These implants are to shorten your life and to control your thoughts and the electrical system within your body. You must understand that you are all living in a prison with invisible bars being controlled by the Dark ones. You are trapped here until you have learned how to escape this Matrix and Spiritually evolve so that you do not have to incarnate here again. The Illuminati is a group of Elite? The Richest people on the face of this Earth who wish to enslave you to the material world. The word illuminati simply means one who is illuminated to certain knowledge. The Illuminati has the knowledge of how to escape this Matrix and Spiritually evolve and they want to keep it from you so that you will never know the true meaning to life and the afterlife so that they may continue their lives of greed, murder and corruption. But their days are numbered my dear friends. They are not illuminated in the sense that they have a Halo? No, for these are the Dark ones whom resonate to the Energies of Darkness. Their time on Earth here is running out. They will soon not be able to hide in their underground cities and bunkers as Mother Earth shall destroy them. They cannot escape their Karma. Understand that the Government, CIA, FBI, Police chiefs, the Media and Religious leaders are all controlled by the Illuminati. I ask you not to hate them or project violence to them. Send them your Vibrations of Love and help transmute their works of Darkness into the Light. For as the Energies of Mother Earth are changing in this new 10,000 year cycle? these Dark people will no longer be allowed to live in physical bodies here on Earth. They will have to change their ways or find another planet to incarnate on that still accepts Darkness. It is time for all of you to become Beacons of Light for the cities that you live in thus transmuting the Darkness of your city into light to prevent the wrath of Mother Earth from having to do her part in cleansing this Darkness. I ask you to read my words carefully and then sit back and ponder on these words. If you choose not to believe me that is fine. You may continue to walk through life with your blinders on thinking things are exactly how they appear around you and on TV. I am not asking you to follow me. I am not an Idol. I am a man of Wisdom whom only wishes to awaken those who will listen. I am asking you to read my words and open your mind. Wake up and smell the roses. Stop being a sheep. For as long as you keep your blinders on? you will be nothing more than a sheep? one who follows the herd. These are the methods that enslave you to this physical world by the Elite School: From the time you are very young and indoctrinated into the school system you are being brainwashed. I am not speaking of English or math? I am speaking of science and history. History being the more predominant one in this case. You are given history books that tell you how history went down in the world. Most of this that you read in your history books is purely rubbish. It is written how the Elite want you to think history went down. They do not want you to know the atrocities that they have committed upon humanity. For a very simple example? American history. The American military/government gave the Indians blankets with the smallpox virus on them to try to bring about Genocide on the true Americans. How does this make us any different from Hitler? You will not read this in your American history books. Yes, you will read that there were battles between the American Indians and the military. However, the truth is we came to their land and raped, pillaged and murdered them for our own interests. Then we gave them little pieces of land to live on. So understand that the land you are living on right now does not belong to you. You and I are not true Americans if you live in America. We are nothing more than occupiers. I will point out the Movie entitled Avatar. This movie was to be made and the information was given to James Cameron to make this movie to point out this same scenario. Yes in the movie, the Rich Elite Corporation wanted to invade that Planet for it natural resources for purposes of their own Greed. Therefore, they brought the military along with them. The military as you see in the movie were brainwashed by being told that the inhabitants were hostile and needed to be eliminated. Gee? Let me think here? If someone was trying to invade my homeland I would not be happy either. So then, you see a bunch of Marines all worked up being told by their Commander how hostile the inhabitants of this Planet were. So then, you have these brainwashed humans eliminating a tribe of peaceful beings. Sounds so familiar to this day doesn't it? So if this had been a real life scenario here on Earth? The story would be much different in our history books. After I left the theater from watching this movie, I felt really guilty about what our Government did to the Real Americans? The Indians. The Military brainwashes their people also and are the biggest offenders of this. They are the ones whom experiment on their own soldiers with chemicals and many other things they require them to be injected with while serving in the Armed Forces. Do not think for a minute that I do not know first-hand of this. My father served 26 years in the Marines with 3 tours of Vietnam and he had told me of everything that went on. I respect all those in uniform but I truly feel sorry for you that you have been used as a pawn for greed. I will explain more on this in another page. Therefore, the truth about atrocities and greed of the Government is always covered up by lies in our books and other media. Lies, lies, lies?. Nothing more than brainwashing those who simply accept what they are being told. Ye are the Sheep. There are many things throughout history in the United States and around the world in other countries that are not told in your history books when you're growing up. The Elite want you to think that history happened the way they want you to think it happened. Just remember this? The truth is always out there and all you have to do is search for it and you will find it. Television: Once again from a small child you are brainwashed by the cartoons you watch. Understand that Walt Disney himself was deeply tied with illuminati. There are many Satanic and sexual subliminal messages in the majority of cartoons that are watched by our children. This also goes for your TV shows and movies. These are all filled with subliminal messages. For those of you who do not know what a subliminal message is. A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another medium, designed to pass below the normal limits of the human mind's perception. These messages are unrecognizable by the conscious mind, but in most situations they do affect the subconscious mind. Thus one day they will surface to the conscious mind unknowingly to us. TV shows and movies create fantasy for us and many of you think that this is how life is truly supposed to be. This is why I get so many emails from young people asking me how they can shoot fire from their hands or make lightning bolts come down from the sky. They just got done watching an episode of charmed or perhaps one of the Harry Potter movies. Don't get me wrong, the Harry Potter movies are excellent movies and I like watching them. But they are fantasy. This is not how the occult truly works. If you want to know how the occult truly works and I suggest that you start studying true magical books and work on getting in touch with your higher self and with higher beings of light so that the truth may be revealed to you. Even in magical books the truth is not always told. For much of the truth is hidden once again by the elite long ago just as they do now. Reality Shows: Come on people? Get a life! It seems that television is filled with nothing but reality shows now. So let's stop here and think for a moment? The world we live in is not reality so in a way I guess it makes sense that the television crap we watch is not reality also. All of these shows are scripted. They are scripted so that there is plenty of drama to keep you entertained. The problem is many of you think that this is how life truly is and that the shows are real life issues. Wake up people! To give you a quick example? The Kardashians? Do you people truly not have a life that you have to follow Kim Kardashian? On one of her recent shows she is shown crying her eyes out because the magazine she posed for showed too much nudity. This woman has already posed for Playboy. So what the heck? If you yourself had to pose for a magazine and they ask you to take your clothes off and you did so? Then why would you cry because they show your picture on the cover of a magazine? It's not like they snuck up to your window at night and took your picture. Scripted, scripted, scripted! This is rubbish television. Nothing but pure crap. But then there are those of you who will follow Kim Kardashian and other Stars on Twitter. This is truly the sign of someone with no life of their own. Do not get me wrong, Kim Kardashian is a beautiful lady... but do not idolize her. You have a life of your own. So do something productive with it! MTV is the worst of the worst. What once used to be a Music Video show many years ago is now nothing more than a bunch of reality shows sucking the life out of people. Influencing the Minds of young people as to how life should be. Their newest show Skins is nothing more than child porn. Yes many young teens drink, do drugs and have sex. But why are you promoting this MTV? You should be prosecuted and put in prison for your moral violation on the youth of America. This is the work of the Dark ones to keep you enslaved to life with drugs and Alcohol. Trust me when I tell you that these producers will be held accountable for all their actions by the Laws of Karma. America Idol and the Voice: Good God. These shows seriously needs to be removed from the airwaves. They are nothing more than a Black Hole. Think about how many of you sit there waiting each week to watch this truly stupid show. You may ask me? "How is this show a form of brainwashing"? Well the answer is, It is a form of brainwashing by the Elite designed to keep you stupid. This show keeps you glued to your TV each week to see who is going to be the next American Idol. Thus taking away from what you should be doing and that is working on your Spiritual development. Turn off your TV people! This TV show is for the weak and needy who have no meaningful life or who think that they can be the next superstar too or simply living vicariously thru these individuals. The truth is they are only going to be a pawn for the very Rich Elite. Yes they may become superstars but the majority of the money they make will go to the Corporation that put them there. But these people were too young and stupid to realize this so they sign their name on the dotted line. Then you have music that is created by the Corporation and not written by true artist. I am truly disappointed that Steven Tyler from Aerosmith is chosen to be on the show. He of all people should know that the show is pure crap and ruining the music scene. He knows that these young people who think they're going to be rich and famous are only going to be famous? Not rich. I am guessing that they must've offered quite a large sum of money to Mr. Steven Tyler in order for him to lower himself and be on the show. Steven Tyler had worked long and hard and pay his dues along with his band to become the stars that they are. They were not victims of a large corporation. They made their large sums of money and were deserving of it. My point here is that he has given in to the greed and money machine of a large corporation which will only ruin the lives of these young people. Most of you after reading this will still set anxiously awaiting for your American Idol show to come on each week. Turn your TV off people or simply deal with your simplicity of life with blinders as you ignore your spiritual calling. Twitter and Social Networks: These social networks are nothing more than black holes. They suck the life out of you. Facebook is sucking you into their black hole void so that they can sell your information thus making them more money. They are the biggest traps for identity theft, viruses and ways for the government to look at you in more depth. They lie about selling your information to third parties. They lie over and over again about these things. However, I am on Facebook myself only because there are people who get on there and pretend to be me. Therefore I have to be on there to monitor this and let people know that I am the true "Puzuzu". Otherwise I would not have presence on their Life Sucking Network. Then we have Twitter. This is the web site for those of you who truly have no life whatsoever or you think you're somebody important so you want those with no life to follow your every move. Hey look at me I'm going to the mall now, I'm going outside to check my mail, I'm going to a party today, listen to me rant and rave. Get a life people! Stop following the false idols and stop twittering about your every move in your daily life. This is a great way for someone who wants to break into your house to know when you're not home. Hey I'm going to a party today? Hm, thinks the criminal. This would be a great time to break into their house while they're at the party or perhaps I will wait until they come home so I can rape them too. See my point? This also gives the FBI, CIA and any other government agency the ability to know everything you're doing. I myself prefer privacy. I don't want people to know where I'm going or when I'm coming home. For this gives them an advantage over me. All this time that you people spend on Twitter could be better used working on your spirituality and raising your vibrations so that you will be better adapted for this next 10,000 year cycle of life here on earth Video Games: We all love video games and yes I myself love the violent ones. But I have changed my views on that after being made aware of the effects it has on my mind. It is okay to play video games that are nonviolent for they do stimulate the mind and this is a good thing. But the violent games of killing people and monsters brings about negative vibrations within our own aura. It plants the seeds within our subconscious mind. This does not mean that if you play violent video games that you're going to go out and kill someone. It does however mean that it is planting seeds of negativity within your subconscious mind thus slowing down your chance of spiritual progress and keeping higher vibrating beings away from you. Thus attracting lower vibrating Spirits and Demons. This also goes for violent and bloody movies that portray killing as a glorious thing. By playing and watching these sort of things we attract to us the negative entities that thrive on this lower type of energy. I am not saying that violent video games should be banned in any way shape or form. I am saying to those of you who are reading this to simply understand the effects it has on your spiritual growth. It is a form of brainwashing, a method of keeping you in a state of lower vibrations. For some of you this may lead to wanting to join the military so that you may go and kill people. For others, it will simply dumb you down just like the MSG in that egg roll and fried rice you had last week. Something to think about. Cell Phones & Texting: This will be quick... put down yer phone and stop Texting! Many of you live for this. I don't know how you have existed in the days of my youth where there were no cell phones. That was when we simply enjoyed life. Put your phone down and do something that will make a difference in this World or in your life. Once again we have a device out there (cell phone) that sucks you in like a Black Hole and helps you dummy down some more. Stop walking around with your head looking down at your phone!

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