How To Make A Candle In A Jar

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This article is to be used to create all sorts of candles in a jar. So throughout this article there will be false measurements e.g candle jar (100g) and (50g) of wax and etc you'll get the idea.

As exampled in the summary I will use an example throughout the article so you have an idea on what im talking about. You Will Need: - Something to cut the wick - Pop stick - A microwave bowl or container - Something to use to put a hole in the pop stick - Spare 48hrs - A jar of any sort (Candle jar 100g). - Measuring cup - Scales - Wax (50g of wax) - Water (the amount of water you use for the candle must be the same so I'll need to use 50ml). - An item that can measure the temperature - Microwave - Colouring (up to you) - Scents (up to you) - Wick Method: 1. Okay what I've done is I've find a 100g candle jar which will do for the jar. 2. I will now measure the wick to the correct size of my jar. Then place it in the centre of my jar. 3. Now I will need to use a pop stick and put a hole in the middle. This will help me hold the wick in place when I'm pouring the wax in and will also keep it in place when its setting. 4. Once I have placed a hole in my pop stick i will now put the top of my wick into the hole so it will so in place while pouring the wax in. 5. So with my jar I have two opinions on how much wax I can put in. One is I can put 100g and the second 50g. So for this I'm going to use 50g. When I have measured out the wax I then pour it into a microwave safe bowl. 6. In the same bowl I will need to use 50ml of water to the wax. 4. Then once the wax and water are in the bowl together. *Opinional* If I was using a scent and colouring I would add 1 drop of each in with the wax and water. 7. I will now need to melt the wax so the wax will melt into the water so it will be easy to work with when pouring. Now I will to place it into the microwave for one minute and forty seconds. 8. If the wax hasnt completely melted then I'll place it in the microwave for another 20secs. When do I will need something to measure the temperature of the watery wax. The wax should be 70 or above degrees. 9. Now I will need to act quickly but not too quickly where i could burn myself. I need to be quick so when I pour the wax into the jar when it sets the wax and the water wont separate. 10. I will now need to place the candle in a safe place so it can set for forty eight hours. Now I can remove the pop stick. Thank you and enjoy! If this doesnt make any sense please message me at once!

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