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How To Make A Candle In A Jar
My name is Professor Gold Ring
I'm happily married and I have a gorgeous daughter as well called Kimmy.
My star sign is Capricorn
I'm a grey witch meaning I profound white and black magic of all sorts. I have a gorgeous step daughter and I'm proud on the decision I have made.
I'm indeed religious I'm a Satanist yes I do preform satanist rituals and spells which I'm willing to post some upon this site. And I am also the Leader and Priestess of Eye Of Knowledge who's father is indeed Satan.
Gods N Goddesses Work Along Side:
- Satan
- Demons
- Bastet The Cat Goddess
- Athena The Arts N Craft Goddess
- Ixtab (The Rope Lady)
The Suicide Goddess
- Ogdoad The Eight fold
- Mara The Love Goddess
- Arkay The Death God
I study an number of types:
- Religion (Satan and Eye Of Knowledge).
- Star Signs
- Dreams
- Paranormal Activity
- Grey Magic
- Anatomy (how the human body and mind works)
- Necromancy
- kitchen Witchery
At the moment I'm working on two major personal subjects which I'm in need of loyal and devoted volunteers who are willing to help:
1. I need a very simple love spell that requires next to nothing items in it. Such as a chant and a photo of the two people who one wishes to get together.
2. I need to question a range of people from each star sign to gather information the person will be questioned a number of questions. Beware the questions are a bit personal such as 'How many relationships have you been in?' And such.
The questions will cover the following topics:
- Gender
- Personality
- Good traits
- Bad traits
- Sports
- Interests
- Religion
- Work
- Home
- Family
- Friends
- Spouses and etc
- Other relationships
- Health
Here's the link to the questionnaire that's if you have an account on Quotev to do so:
But if you don't have an account please message me for the questions and I'll reply shortly with the questions!
3. I need members for Eye Of Knowledge.
Rules before messaging me
1. Don't message me with 'No Subject' 'hey or hi' messages will be deleted.
2. Don't try and push ur religious crap down my throat because I'm happy with mine and I wouldn't change it for the world.
3. Don't message me on turning u into an magical creature of sort grow up! And I will NOT CAST SPELLS FOR YOU! but I will suggest the ones I've posted.
4. Any form of insults and hate u use against me YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE!
5. Have a purpose on why your messaging me not short convo such as 'Hey' or 'hi' I will delete them this is a waste of my time and space.
6. If you don't have a profile pic and bio/profile pic or bio I will NOT reply to your messages nor take u seriously.