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Why do you want to do astral travel?

I was sitting in my flat when I heard I screaming and fighting outside the building. I went outside and up the stairs to see what is going on. One old lady wants to commit suicide. Her daughter try to stop her. Her husband try to pull her back. They saw me and explain what is going on. So I told them to leaf the old lady alone. She come sit next to me on the edge off the building making ready to jump. So I toke her by the hand and ask her if I can do A prayer for her just before she jump. She said you can pray I'm going to die anyway. My prayer: Thank you God for food everyday. Thank you God for clothes to get warm. I was shaking, she was shaking, she start crying and open her heart. She said she was useless. Her business was down and she couldn't feed her family anymore. But she saw now that God sent me to safe her because through that prayer she get a new experience and new ideas for her florist business to go on. Thank you God for picking me to be your messenger. You see people astral traveling is not something to play with. This is serious stuff. God pick you to save his people. Use astral travel only to correct the mistakes we do, and for nothing else Wiccan

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