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This shows a difference between true love and lust which many get confused.

Love/Lust magick

Often times we see love spells to make someone fall in love with another however; this isn?t really love magick. This is generally seen as or should be seen as Lust magick. In this context, Lust magick is when a Practitioner uses Magickal or paranormal means to impose his or her will on another making another have intimate feelings that a person may or may not have originally had. On occasion, the Practitioner may not even known or be known by the person whom is afflicted by the spell.

True love magick deals in matters of actual love. Before casting such things, you must ask yourself; do you really love the person you?re casting on or in many cases casting for? Love in this sense should be perceived as a high caliber of kindness, compassion or affection of another. In its most basic construct, true Love is an unselfish loyal and caring concern for the best interest of another.

If you truly care for another as defined by ?love? (the above definition being applied), your actions in your spell will reflect the best interests of that person. You must know that person well enough to know what that person needs. If you do not know the needs of the person, an enchantment to aid you in finding out the needs would an appropriate first step. Different people need different things. Does the person you?re seeking have some past trauma that is preventing him or her from becoming close with you? Trust me, by the time your about 20 everyone has emotional baggage. Maybe a good spell to cast in this case would be breaking down the person?s barriers enabling the person to better accept the emotions involved in a stable, loving relationship. Does the person have anxiety that can manifest in negative ways thereby creating an impediment of the relationship? In this case, an appropriate spell could be one that takes some of the anxiety from the person aiding in enabling him or her to speak about the issues creating the anxiety. Knowledge is power and if you understand what is going on with your partner, you will have a better vantage point. In this situation, it may also be in the best interest of the person to cast an enchantment upon yourself giving you the ability to better deal with the anxiety and better observe your partners needs pertaining to it. Maybe your partner needs a hug to help release the stress of the day or a shoulder to cry on or both. It could be that the issues are more complex and the person requires a variety of approaches or in some cases, one my find one approach may work better than the other. There are many aspects to consider if you actually care about someone.

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