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The increase of dark figures (shadow people) around the world.

Sightings of shadow people are on the increase! I attribute this to the rising vibration of our planet and our ever-expanding realities which open a portal to other dimensions. Just as the third eye chakra is the gateway to the spirit world, the collective consciousness of our planet is the doorway into other realms. Shadow people, like Ouija boards, have been given a bad rap, but knowing what you are dealing with helps to dispel the fear and myths. Shadow people are not ghosts. There are two distinctive types ?C the ??Hat Men?? variety appears more solid, in the shape of a person wearing a hat or hood, and sometimes a trench coat. The dark shadows, or ??blobs?? as I refer to them, are without human form and vary in size from two to six feet or more Some people report seeing red eyes on these shadows when seen front on, and the smaller shadows are sometimes mistaken for animals darting across the room. They peer from behind doorways and disappear into walls as though they do not exist. Some people report feeling threatened by a negative energy from these shadows, and there have been reports of physical attack from them. More commonly, shadow people appear more interested in observing humans as opposed to attacking them.they typically conceal themselves behind doorways and try to stay out of the way. In my opinion, they may be here to observe humans and gather information, much like the aliens The male occupant??s line of work interested me as electronics is a magnet for entities, and his particular field involves electronic sound. I know that healing with sound is an advanced technique used in the spiritual realms and that there is a possibility that shadow people are here to learn about or influence our technology, or more likely to draw energy from our electrical sources. Author Heidi Hollis,who has been a guest on George Noory??s radio show Coast to Coastbelieves that a war is raging between aliens and shadow people. Her bookThe Secret Wartells the ??true story??. I have not read her book or heard her speak, so I cannot offer an opinion on her research into the subject. Hollis does say on her website that ??(shadow people) know what they are doing, why they are here and their goal.?? She believes they can be ??repelled by evoking Jesus?? name. When clearing a house of negative entities, the intent is more important than ritual. Be firm in your actions, act in good faith, and let them know they are not welcome in your space.

Please beware of the shadow people!!

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Feb 21, 2019
I have encountered plenty of shadow people. I dont feel threatened by them in anyway. It feels more as they are guardians. Protectors of the human soul. (This is my personal opinion and I am open to hear others and may change my mind if you have a stronger argument to me)

Jun 15, 2019
I have seen quite a few and based on what I’ve seen it seems like they are like the dead. Just continuing what they used to do in life unaware of us. Or I was just being crazy when I saw one riding a dump truck

Dec 29, 2019
i have never seen a shadow person out in the open before but you never know. i?ve always seen them within forest areas peeking behind trees or standing behind bushes.

Jan 02, 2020
I have two friends who are Pagan, and they've been seeing the shadows. But, the weird thing is, one of them has said to have seen a shadow with a top hat. Any thoughts?

Jan 05, 2020
May simply be how it manifests itself. I've had some experiences with shadow people, and while I've never seen one with a tophat, I won't rule it out. They feed on emotion, not fashion, so if they feel it's more creepy to appear a certain way, I wouldn't be surprised if they manifest with the outline of clothes.

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