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Name: sh4d0ww01f
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hi, I’m sh4d0wW01f25, but call me shadow for short.
I like to study spirits and try and understand them more. I strongly believe spirits are the souls of the past. Everybody is a spirit; our physical form is the host. But not all spirits have a host. These spirits pass over to the spirit world (ether) and await a new host. But some spirits refuse to leave this realm. These lost souls are still holding on to their dead host. They don’t believe they're dead. They're angry with this and I believe this is what hauntings are. Trapped, lost souls refusing to let go of their past. Or simply cannot pass over to the ether.
The main spirit that people may have seen or haven't looked closely enough is the shadow men. I've read reports of their sightings and people saying their evil yet I have seen them a lot. I don’t feel threatened by them. In fact, I feel safe around them, as though they are guarding me, which has led me to believe they are the spirit watchers. They keep our spirits safe.
This world is dying along with witchcraft. Our ancestors used nature for their energy but also gave triple the energy back into the earth to heal it, but with less and less practitioners and less energy going into the earth, mother nature is dying. If more people allowed their energy to enter the earth, we can help heal the world together.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in which I will try my hardest to answer. And please, please do not email me saying that I'm wrong in what I say. If you think something is wrong, make sure you have a strong enough argument to be able to make me change my mind. I don't mind discussing our different views on a subject. if you have a stronger argument then I'll except that and change my mind on what I originally believed. if you don't have a strong enough point of view then i'll carry on believing what I believe.