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Name: sh4d0ww01f
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hi, im sh4d0wW01f25, but call me shadow for short I have been studying Wiccan now for two years. I am a strong believer in the supernatural side of live and believe that haunting's are based on traumatized spirits. personally, i have been followed by spirits that people know them as Shadow Men. The balance of nature is a key part in Wicca and i believe there should be more people like us, that care about the world and mother natures energy. i'm not saying they have to be Wicca or pagan but help us heal the world. some of us in Wicca use the power of the earth to cast spells whereas some advanced practitioners draw their energy from the universe. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in which i will try my hardest to answer. i tend to put across my believes in things and that is the point about Wicca, we believe what we think is right. so please, any questions then drop me an email. I am a libra and my spirit animal is a Wolf (hence my name)