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A traditionally based piece of heka that is intended to purify oneself through the heka of Qebhwt.

The following is of my own creation. It was originally a poem/invocation of self, and I have decided to make it more. It is a spell, a ritual, a working; it is heka. It is something anyone can do, but should be taken completely seriously. It is intended to purify all aspects of the self by the heka of Qebhwt, a netjer of purification that personifies the cooling waters offered to the dead that purify them as well as the embalming fluids used in mummification. I was once called Kebechet, which is a form of Qebhwt, and while I do not consider myself to be Qebhwt, I consider the below to be inspired by her. So, in the way of the hekau of old, I speak as if the whole is attributed to her, not to me. The Rubric and Instructions have been added so that it can be read in a more traditional way. After the purification of each body, you are to pour bath water over your body, or to dunk yourself in it. Please speak the words as they are broken up, this is done to keep your mind on the task at hand, but also not to kill yourself with words. If you need to find information on how to make natron, please refer to: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=483526

If you have any other questions, just mail me.


Qebhwt looked out upon the lands and the cattle who inhabited those lands, and she wept. She saw destruction of others, and in the destruction of others, the destruction of the self. She saw much isfet being done in the name of ma'at and much more being done in random acts of cruelty. Qebhwt shut the doors of her shrine and consulted with her bodies on what she could do to bring forth the bodies of those who remained whole so that no more destruction would occur. After much contending, she placed her menat upon her neck, took her sistrum and lily scepter in hand, and flung open the doors of her shrine. She stepped forth, and spoke her heka to bring back the bodies of those lost, those forgotten, those destroyed, and those now found.

Chapter of preparing for the purification of the bodies of the self.

Gather 9 grains of natron and two bowls. Place the natron in one bowl, cool water in the other. Draw a bath.

Words to be said over the bowl of natron:

"I am pure, I am pure, I am pure.

One thousand times I am pure.

You are pure, you are pure, you are pure.

One thousand times you are pure.

Purity of life, purity of death, purity of rebirth, purity of self."

Words to be said over the bowl of water:

"QebHwt, Lady of the cool water,

Mistress of rebirth,

Giver of comfort,

Purify this water for me,

As you purify the waters for the fallen.

Grant me the perfection you promise

All who go before me and have gone before me."

Pour the natron into the bowl of water. Add this to the bath and enter.

Chapter of beginning of the purification of the bodies of the self.

Words to be said within the bath.

I purify the Khat.

Purity of the body,

I use my cooling waters

To bring peace into your life.

I use them to destroy

The parts of you which will fade,

And I grant you eternal life.

I purify the Sahu.

Purity of the enlightened self,

I use my cooling waters,

To bring you to the forefront.

I use them to allow you

To move without hindrance,

And to grant you eternal life.

I purify the Ab.

Purity of the heart,

I use my cooling waters

To wash away your pain and sorrow.

I use them to grant you

The joys that you were denied

In a existence of suffering.

I purify the Ka.

Purity of the double self,

I use my cooling waters,

To allow you to move freely.

I use them to grant you freedom,

To go forth in service to

The purpose of the self.

I purify the Ba.

Purity of the soul,

I use my cooling waters

To wash away the past.

I use them to give you

The gift of a life with those

Who will accompany you.

I purify the Khaibit.

Purity of the shadow,

I use my cooling waters

To let you function on your own.

I use them to give you a release

From all that has

And will try to hold you.

I purify the Khu.

Purity of the spirit,

I use my cooling waters

To allow you to live everlasting.

I use them to gain you

A place among the gods

You hold so highly.

I purify the Sekhem.

Purity of the power,

I use my cooling waters

To allow you to be without weakness.

I use them to wash away

The sickness that comes

From self-pity and arrogance.

I purify the Ren.

Purity of the name,

I use my cooling waters

To grant you good standing.

I use them to give you a place,

To give you a life,

To give you a memory.

I purify these bodies,

I purify myself.

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