Spearmint: Magickal & Medicinal Uses

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An article on the usages of Spearmint for Magickal and Medicinal means.


Always check with your physician before taking any sort of herb.

Magickal Uses

Any kind of mint can be placed in the home as a protective herb. The bright green leaves and the scent are known to be used for prosperity spells. It can also be used for good luck. Spearmint specifically is good for healing spells, especially with ailments of the lungs. Inhaling the scent of spearmint is said to aid psychic development. Spearmint stuff within your pillow or under your matress will protect you while you sleep.

Medicinal Uses

When spearmint is made into a tea or infusion, it is very versatile. The tea/infusion is good for helping with Nausea, hiccups, flatulence, and motion sickness. It is known to also help IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and act as a diuretic. It's very good to drink after dinner to help aid digestion. Aside from those uses, it has been used by expectant mothers as a mild remedy for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. It may also be used to treat hirsutism in women (an imbalance of testosterone, which leads to abnormal masculine hair growth). Rubbing the leaves on your forehead is said to help aid a headache.






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