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This is an article which can be used to cause another person to avoid you or a friend. Candle magic and cord magic are what are being used.


First, I would like to say that if anyone is stalking and/or harassing you and your friends, you should call the police or another emergency hotline and inform them of the situation. You should also inform your parents. Magic is a subtle art/science, it deals with the subtle. It will not prevent anything from occurring, however, it can make it "less likely" to occur. That said, if you or another person is in any danger, you should take action in the legal realm before something unforeseen occurs.


The easiest thing for you to do is to have a person avoid a person, rather than have a person avoid a place. And, in truth, you can place the same avoidance spell upon your friends that you place upon yourself. Or, in another sense of it, you can place a spell on the target so he/she avoids you.


Some of the easiest spells to do for this are cord and candle magic. These are categories, which can range from complex to simple. There is almost no end to what you can do with this, and anyone can do this from any "level" of knowledge or experience. I'll explain the symbolism of each thing, and how it can be used in order to either further your spell, or make it work so that you will not only get the information but understand the information you get. "Fish for a man, and he'll be fed for a day, teach him to fish, and he'll be fed for life."


Whether you do one or the other is upon you. Whether you follow my recommendations, again, is on you. If you at any point do anything that causes a backfire, it is upon you, rather than me. I'm going to include the information on what can cause it to backfire, but I can't control what or how you feel while you are doing it. Before you do anything, you should look at why you want to do if, if you are serious about it, and how far you are willing to go. This will determine what you say and do in any of these.


I will be including directions on this based upon you being comfortable using the spoken word in magic. If you are not comfortable doing so, then you can say the words inside your mind, or you can simply make your intention well known with your thoughts and energy. During all of this, you will want to be very specific in your desires, and make it very clear what you want to occur. Otherwise, this is one of the many ways that it can backfire. Symbolism often goes several different ways, sometimes opposite when they are considered on a personal level. You will also want to write out beforehand what you intend to say, and you can choose to rhyme it if you like, as it will help you to memorize it. Memorization is something I recommend, as you will be able to remain focused upon what you are doing, rather than upon what you are saying.


The use of numbers is included. 3, 7, and/or 9 are the ones that I personally recommend, 7 being the one that I prefer. 3 is used because 3 is a number well used in magic and symbolically, it represents completion, a simple cycle, a strong standing. The triangle is 3 sided; the past, present, and future; the Holy Trinity; Mary, Jesus, and God; Osirus, Isis, and Horus; and many other systems represent this rule of three. 7 is also a number well used in magic, and also represents completion. 7 represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. 7 is also often used in systems such as the Tarot to represent the completion of individual cycles. 9 is a number that is also well used. 9 represents 3 to the power of 2, 3 multiplied by itself, and 3 added to itself 3 times. Because of this, 9 presents three taken even further. 9 is a number of success and accomplishment. You can use any number you so wish, whether it be personally important, or generalized. You can even count yourself and each one of your friends as one "number" and personalize the spell to all of you at once, though it may be more helpful for you to do each of you and your friends individually.


I would personalize it with names if possible, both of the targets and yourself. If you cannot personalize it with the name of the individual, you can simply describe them as much and as far as you possibly can, including all the details that you remember about them. If you can further personalize it, adding either a piece of the person, such as their hair or adding something they touched, such as a cloth, will assist greatly. In doing this, you will directly link the cord or candle you use to represent the target, to the target. If you use the string method, the easiest way to attach it to the cord is to tie it in as you tie the knots. If you use the candle method, the easiest way is to wrap or tie it around the candle.


I recommend that the color of the cord, candle, and/or pins that you use are black. The reason why I am saying black is that black has long been involved in bindings, protection, banishing, and exorcisms. This will further add to the symbolism of the spell, and allow you to get a little further with it. However, if you are unable to get a specific color, or if you wish to use another color for a personal reason, feel free to do so. Whatever color(s) you use is up to you, however, I would do some research into the meanings of each of the colors you use.


The moon phase you choose to do this in isn't important, however, if you do so during the dark moon, it will add to the symbolism of the spell, and further, make it occur. If you wish to do so in a different moon phase, feel free to use it however you wish to.


Cord Magic


Before doing anything else, you will want to gather your materials. In this, you will be searching for a cord, string, cloth, or anything else. If you have been able to have a piece of black and/or the hair, you will want to place the two pieces next to each other.


Before you tie each one of your knots, you will want to say something along the lines of, "As I tie this knot, so shall ___ avoid ___." Next, you will say something along the lines of, "As I tie this knot, so shall __ flee from ___" and tie your knot. The first blank in this will be your target, while the second will be yourself or your friend. As you go along, you will want to change your wording slightly, but not fully change your meaning, unless the new meaning goes along with your binding.


You can tie the knots in any order you decide, either from end to end, from the middle to the outside while you alternate between sides, vice versa, from the middle to one side then back to the middle to the other side, or vice versa. My preference is to start from the middle and go out either alternating or from side to side. The reason behind this preference is by starting from the middle and going outwards, you represent both your intention going out into the world and also you represent the rejection or repelling of this person from you or your friends. You can use the inward running one as well, however, you need to make it clear that by doing so, you are binding the target to your will, thereby forcing the target to keep to themselves. However, it fully depends upon you and what you wish to do.


After doing this, you will want to either hold onto your knot, bury it, or burn it. Other forms of disposal are acceptable as well, but you should carefully consider the symbolism of what you are doing before doing it. If you decide to hold onto it, you should place it in a safe place, where you will either see it daily or where it is hidden outside of your sight. Which one you decide to do depends on your individual beliefs. If you are a person who considers that if you look on a spell or the results of a spell every day, that it will empower it and keep in it working order for a long time, place it on your altar or another place where you will view it. You could even wear it, however, it can cause any negative feelings you put to the target to rub off on yourself. If you are one of those people who like to forget and allow things to take their natural course, hide it from your site. If you bury it, you will be giving your intention onto the earth, and expect that the universe will cause things to occur as they are intended to occur. If you burn it, you should be very specific as to why you are burning it, by actually stating that "As I burn this cord, so I lock my intention into being. ___shall avoid ___ forever after this point." Again, the first is the target, and the second is you or your friend. You should make this very clear because the burning of the cord can also mean the ending of the binding, rather than the locking in of the binding and sending your wishes out to the universe.


Candle Magic


Before doing anything else, you will want to gather your materials. In this, you will want a candle, a knife, and possibly pins. The candle will be preferably black, while the pins are preferred to be either black-headed or with a normal pinhead. You may also want some basil oil, bayberry oil, black pepper oil, geranium oil, or patchouli oil in order to anoint the candle. You are not required to anoint it, however, it is, again, recommended. You can also anoint the candle without oil. If you got a hair from the target, you will want to wrap it around after you anoint it.


First, you will want to carve the candle. In carving the candle, you will want to include the target's name (or a description if a name is unavailable), and any other information about them, as well as what you intend to do, such as words like repel, avoid, flee, etc. If you have a large amount of experience towards carving things, then you can even carve a representation of the target. You will not want to include your name or the names of your friends, because you will be burning this candle, and you can harm yourself or your friends in the effort to bind your target. You can speak whatever words you desire as you carve it, however, I've never done so, as it is easier to focus on the task at hand.


Now, you will want to anoint the candle. You can use the basil oil, bayberry oil, black pepper oil, geranium oil, or patchouli oil, or you can simply anoint the candle with energy. Either way is acceptable and will work. As you go about anointing the candle, you can say something such as, "As I anoint this candle, so shall __ stay away from ___." I recommend that you either start from the base and work outwards or start from the middle, work down, then start at the middle again and work up. The reason behind this preference is by starting from the middle and going outwards or by starting at the base and going outwards, you represent both your intention going out into the world and also you represent the rejection or repelling of this person from you or your friends. If you start from the top and move downwards, or start from the end and move to the middle, then start from the top and move to the middle, you may cause the person to be attracted to you, rather than rejected from you. However, you can do this if you make it clear that you are doing so in order to force this person to keep them to themselves. As you anoint this, you will want to include all the portions of the candle, including the ones which are carved.


Here you will want to determine whether you simply wish to burn the candle or to stick it with pins. If you don't want to stick it with pins, skip to the next paragraph. The pins can either be black ended, or they can be straight pins. Either or don't matter, they both will do exactly the same thing. Again, you can use other colored pins, but I just recommend black or straight. The reason behind the use of the pins is that as you stick each pin inside of the candle, you are further binding the person. The use of sticking pins or other objects on a representation of a person has been traditionally used since the early ages of magic, religion, and civilization. As you stick each pin in the candle, you will want to say something like, "As I stick ___ with this pin, so shall ___ avoid ___." Your first two blanks will be the name of the target, or some other identification of him/her, and the third will be your name or that of your friend. The reason you are identifying the candle as the target is that it causes a closer connection between the candle and the target.


When you are ready to, you will burn the candle down. As you burn this candle, you will want to focus on your energy and intentions on your object occurring. You can say something such as "As I burn this candle, so I lock my intention into being. ___shall avoid ___ forever after this point." At this point, you are simply further in locking in your intention.



~Written by Aneksi~


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