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A ritual to bless/cleanse yourself.

There are times after great change, after trauma, or when we are suffering from self-doubt. It is believed that this blessing ritual is based on a very ancient tradition; the salt represents the security and sanctuary of Earth and the candle flame represents from moving from the fog of fear into the light of the Goddess's protection. The ritual below is designed specifically for solo work. The Dark Moon is the best time for self-blessing, but if in case of emergency, do when feels best to you. This ritual should be performed sky-clad. ------ You will need: - White Candle - Salt - Anointing oil, or if in a hurry, pure olive oil Performing the Ritual: 1- Cast a circle. 2- Welcome in the element of Air, saying: "In the east the element of Air, I call you into the circle. Might Ones protect me." Repeat this, moving deosil around the circle, calling in Fire, Water, and Earth in turn. 3- At the center, welcome Spirit, saying: "In the center, at the margins and in all the spaces in between, element of Spirit guide and protect me." Sprinkle the salt on the floor in front of you step onto it saying: "Earth beneath my feet offer me sanctuary from the cares of the world." Light the white candle and step back from it. Take the oil and anoint your feet, knees, womb, breast, lips, saying at the appropriate time: "Blessed be my feet that they may walk the sacred path. Blessed be my knees that they may never kneel in fear. Blessed by my womb/phallus without which we would not be. Blessed be my breast and the strong heart within. Blessed by my lips that they may speak Her will." 4- Step into the light of the candle saying: "I step into the light of the Goddess, into Her arms and into Her protection, Her light is my shield and Her embrace my armor, She walks with me in my footsteps, She is above and below me, To the East and the West of me, Before and behind me, Within and around me." 5- Close your eyes and remain in the warmth and light of the candle for as long as your need directs you.

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