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Name: PheonixxNyte
Birthday: Jun 7 1991
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)O( Merry Meet!! I am Pheonixx Nyte, and I am Wiccan. First off, I would like to thank my Twin, Saphyre Nyte, for introducing me to The Craft a little over three years ago. I absolutely enjoy studying with him! We are powerfully connected. We often dream of meeting other Pagens, and eventually starting our own Circle. (: -Magick- I'm really big on natural magick, and using herbs. My main points are healing and protection. I love making incense and candles. I'm not much of a spellcaster, though. I've done a few basic protectoin spells, a good luck spell, and a spell to keep away the nightmares. I do NOT do any type of hexes, curses, or love spells. If you have the slightest intention of hurting someone, please do not bother to ask for my help. Anything else is fine, though. ^_^ -Other little tid bits- -I am happily married to the sweetest guy on the planet. Although he isn't Pagen, he is very supportive of my beliefs! And vise-versa. I wouldn't trade him for the world!! -- We are the proud pet parents of a black fluffy tempermental cat, named Reaper, and a beautiful white American Bulldog named Athena. ^_^ -Family means the world to me. We may not see eye to eye, but I'd do anything for them. I look forward to the day that we'll be able to start our own little family. -My friends are crazy, but I can't picture life without them. There's never a dull moment when they're around! "We don't make mistakes, we make memories!" - Twin. -Music is what keeps me going. I listen to mostly rock, and heavier music. Favorite bands? Oh, the list is endless!! Apocalyptica is my inspiration, they are phenomenal! If you've never heard of them, I highly suggest you check them out!! -I enjoy making new friends, so don't be afraid to Mail me!! (: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish, you can chat with me on MSN! Or send me an e-mail! Blessed Be, Pheonixx Nyte