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Explaining how to Evoke.

First off, what is the difference between evoking and invoking?

Most people say ''Invoking'' without knowing what it means.

Invoking is where you invoke a deity(god or goddess), and the entity steps into your body. You become them, and they become you, and you absorb the energies they leave you. Much like when casting a circle and calling the quarters. As you call the quarters, you become each element. There is nothing similar to invoking a goddess or god, as it gives you an afterfeeling that you can't describe.

Evoking on the other hand, is much different. This is more commonly done, though it is seldom said. Evoking is the act of inviting a deity or element to come to your circle, Not be within you. Through evoking you feel the elements more than you would feel the entity of the god or goddess. By inviting them, keep in mind, invitations can be turned down. Affinites for a certain element make themselves known, by inviting them, or evoking them.

Evoking is the more common of the two, and is the most easiet for beginners to casting or magicks in general.

Inviting the elements:


''North, element of Earth. You bring strength and wisdom into our lives. You nuture and protect. I call thee spirit of North. Please join me and lend me the power over Earth. Blessed be.''

North dismissal:

''North, element of Earth you have brought me your wisdom, expressed your strength. Be with me always. Thank you spirit of the North, for joining me and lending my the energies of Earth. Farewell and Blessed be.''


''East, element of Air. You bring me inspiriation, upon intellect.You blow through the course of our lives, and give us life itself. I call thee spirit of East. Please join me and lend me the power of Air. Blessed be.''

East Dismissal:

''East, element of AIr, whom brings us motivation and inspiration. MAy you be with me always. Thank you spirit of the East, for joining me and lending me the energies of Air. Farewell and blessed be.''


"South, element of Fire. You Bring passion and energy to our bodies and minds. You generate the light that lets us see, the warth, that lets us live. I call thee spirit of the South. Please join me and lend me the power of fire. Blessed be.''

SOuth dismissal:

''South, element of fire, who delivers passion and creates the heat that allows us survival. Thank you spirit of the South for joing me and lending me the nergies of Fire. Farewell and blessed be.''


"West, element of water. You feed our emotions and intuition.You wash and quench our bodies and thirst. I call thee spirt of West. Please join me and lend me the power of water.Blessed be.''

West dismissal:

''West, element of water, who produces emotion and intuition. You cleanse and purify our bodies with every drink. Thank you for joining me and lending the energies of water.Farewell and blessed be.''

*Note: It is optional to call forth Akasha, the fifth element, commonly known as spirit.


''You render the elemnets called forth, and you represent the goddess/god the dwells inside me. You are the source of the good and pure. The dark and light that make up my mind, soul and body.I call thee spirit to join me. Blessed be''

Spirit dismissal:

''Spirit, element of peace, You are released for the circle, but shall you foever be with me and dwell in the essence of myself. Blessed be.''

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