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Candles of specific colours can help in the healing process. If you are not certain of the root of a problem, you can use a white or pure beeswax candle, plus, if you wish, one for the perceived area of pain. For your monthly major healing sessions, this ritual can be used after the names have been read, working with pink or white candles to include everyone in the book who is sick or sad. It is especially good for chronic conditions or when healing may take some time. This is a gentler method than creating a cone of colour. Early evening just after dusk is a good time to work.

* Choose a candle of the appropriate colour. Extinguish all other lights.

* If the person to be healed is present, they can work with you in building up the energies. Sit on cushions on either side of the candle, allowing room for movement.

* Place a dish of small dish of dried rosemary or lavender for general healing next to the candle. If the healing is for yourself or for someone who is absent, light the candle. If you are working as a group, sit in a circle, each person holding their own coloured candle (you can make rainbow with different colours round the circle if you wish), with a large white candle in the centre. Each person will also need a small dish of herbs.

* Gaze into the flame and if there are others present, ask them to do the same, gently drawing in the coloured light and exhaling darkness or pain.

* Breathe in and take in the light, as you do so saying in your mind: Welcome, light.

* Hold the breath while you mentally count 'One and two and three', then send out the healing energies, saying silently:

"Farewell, pain [or sorrow, darkness, etc.]."

* Continue to breathe and visualise the colour entering and radiating and the darkness or pain fading away. If you are working in a group, one person can sit near the central candle and speak the words or drum the rhythm of the breathing. You may hear clairaudiently (in your mind) the collective voices rising and falling. After a time, you will see with your mind's eye that the same colour breath is being inhaled and exhaled by each person, and at this stage the healing energies are balanced.

* Gently circle your arms over your head and sway from side to side, either sitting, kneeling or standing, while scattering gently your healing herbs like a gentle shower of rain (your hair will shine wonderfully when you next wash it). At the same time, chant softly:

"Go forth, increase and multiply, cosmic light intensify, healing Earth and Sea and Sky."

* When the energies feel right, add to the last chant a final long melodious 'Heal!' and extinguish the candle(s), letting the light and sound fade into the silence.

* Press your hands and feet gently to the ground and let the energies flow back into the Earth, saying softly:

"We thank you, Mother Earth, for healing blessings soon to be received."

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