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To energize yourself

First, have a ritual bath. It can contain herbs and salts, the point is to wash off your 'skin', like a snake. With rhythmic music playing, lie down naked on your bed and do a relaxation while you dry off. It helps to have a resin, incense or oil of your choice burning. Anything energizing like sage or citrus.

When you're ready, light a white candle in front of a large mirror (important) with the rhythmic music still playing. No other light. Hold a power posture, naked, in front of the mirror, and know that you are awesome, loving, powerful, strong, whatever you like. Than sway/dance in front of the mirror while strongly saying your first name. Repeat your name with conviction 99 times. When you have finished, resume the power position and say 'I am the master! I am power! I am control! I am invincible!' Then, say your magic word, tidy up, and eat some biscuits. It is important to understand 'knowing' versus 'believing' in this ritual.

It is good practice to perform this every Tuesday and Friday for 3 months. However, I always find doing it once works very noticeably.

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